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How we Innovate

We innovate systematically, continuously, successfully: in collaboration with our customers, leading universities, technical colleges and partners.


We only work with the best to continuously develop our leading banking software.


Highly Qualified Employees in Dialogue with Our Customers

Talent is the prerequisite for developing first-class banking software solutions. Over 80% of our employees hold university degrees. The intensive exchange between software developers and banking experts is the critical success factor. This is why both of Avaloq’s production facilities are located in two of the most demanding and well-developed financial markets in the world: in Switzerland (Zurich) and the United Kingdom (Edinburgh).


Our Partners
We leverage our community: more than 50% of the sources that are not part of the Avaloq core product were written by our partners. Tendency rising.


Avaloq is in constant dialogue with leading universities and technical colleges.

Avaloq Innovation Platforms
Customers and partners are more than just a list of names to Avaloq. Our innovation platforms provide the whole Avaloq Community with a space to continuously push innovation and regularly enhance the future of banking:

Systematic Innovation with Customers and Partners:

We innovate with our customers and find the best innovation alliance for every enhancement of our software. Together we develop a solution that benefits the entire Avaloq Community.

Banking experts from the Avaloq Community meet around 30 times a year. At these international meetings, best practices are exchanged by the financial institutions, tendencies in the industry are analysed and Avaloq’s solutions are discussed and influenced.


The top annual event to present and launch the newest product innovations in the Community.


Annual, regionally organised event where the management members and CEOs of our customers meet to discuss strategic subjects.


The annual, international event for strategic partners of Avaloq with a focus on implementation, software development, distribution and technology.




Awards and Recognition

Success speaks for itself: recognition from the industry.