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Competency Model

Driving banking future

Shape the future of banking

from...describes the ability to holistically view the processes and technical issues that arise in banking and produce innovative solutions in this respect

to...and it means acting as a visionary to identify global banking trends, linking these with market responses to expertly design scenarios for the future of banking.

Maximise customer value

from...describes that ability to determine the customer’s challenges in-depth and to see issues through their eyes and that of the end user, intuitively adding value to our product and service solutions

to...and it means understanding the value-generating components of the customer’s system and the ways in which Avaloq can act as a productive catalyst to help the customer transform to a higher level – this involves resolving any potential conflicts between specific solutions and the Avaloq Banking Standards.

Build the future of Avaloq

from...describes the ability to take full ownership as an ambassador of Avaloq and manage issues responsibly to...and it means understanding the driving forces behind Avaloq’s business vision and expertly translating the strategy into the own specialist areas – always with a focus on sustainable growth and profitability. Building our future also means driving and balancing Avaloq’s values and thereby helping to shape our culture.

Embrace innovation speed

from...describes the ability to remain creative and open-minded to new ideas and developments, openly discussing both success and failure scenarios as learning experiences and to discourage a blame culture (work against finger pointing) means tapping into outside-in stimulus for products and services, embracing iterative testing agility, managing risks and systematically initiating and supporting initiatives for promoting innovation.

Shape change effectively

from...describes the ability to openly embrace the change process and to remain productive despite any instability or uncertainty surrounding the situation

to...and it means expertly planning, implementing and managing change processes, counselling people through change and actively resolving unforeseen circumstances in an open-minded, solution-oriented and partnership-based manner.


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