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Competency Model

Driving network culture

Network successfully

from...describes the ability to successfully maintain internal and external networks and to make use of social and digital platforms

to...and it means sharing your own network with others to improve knowledge and promote creative solutions – this also means being prepared to deal with the uncontrollable nature of network dynamics.

Provide mutual support and knowledge transfer

from...describes the ability to actively pass on personal knowledge throughout your own specialist area to strengthen the flow of information and deter silo mentality

to...and it means encouraging a culture of sustainable, co-operative collaboration to ensure a positive, dynamic impact on working practices, making people feel inspired and motivated to be involved.

Live diversity and international variety

from...describes the ability to work productively with diverse personalities, embracing their views, behaviours and culture

to...and it means actively and inclusively respecting different perspectives and understanding the benefits derived when ideas are brought together as part of a collaborative solution.

Communicate effectively

from...describes the ability to listen and create a good dialogue with people at all levels

to...and it means adapting your own communication style to fit your audience profile, relaying tailored information and optimising personal and digital communication channels to good effect.

Manage conflicts productively

from...describes the ability to address conflict in a reflective manner with the aim of arriving at a jointly agreed conclusion

to...and it means responding to challenging behaviour in context, recognising underlying interests and motivating factors with the ability to defuse complex situations to the satisfaction of all parties.


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