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Competency Model

Driving personal excellence

Self-reflect and develop with courage

from...describes the ability for behavioural self-analysis, building upon personal strengths and actively developing areas for improvement

to...and it means operating within your own principles and, where applicable, resisting typical patterns or emotion-driven impulses in order to shape a positive impact on the work environment, whilst stretching the boundaries of your own comfort zone.

Apply analytical thinking and intelligent concepts

from......describes the ability to recognise interdependencies and develop solutions on a practical level from relevant information

to...and it means analysing complex situations and developing economically state-of-the-art concepts – even if not all the information is always available.

Make reasoned decisions

from...describes the ability to offer informed opinion to shape decisions taken at the appropriate level

to...and it means proactively including stakeholders with differing perspectives, establishing a robust evaluation process to ensure that decision-making is both inclusive and of high quality.

Generate trust

from...describes the ability to openly and genuinely deal with your own interests, keep promises and create transparency

to...and it means trusting people and not generalising based on negative experiences, but instead understanding the situational context.

Build resilience

from...describes the ability to work in a productive and concentrated manner and retain a clear focus even in stressful situations

to...and it means being consistently resilient even in times of high dynamism and intensity and dealing attentively with yourself.

Plan and organise efficiently

from...describes the ability to organise your own work self-directed and deal with wide-ranging work packages efficiently

to...and it means allocating resources in line with organisational priorities and balancing peoples workload in order to sustainably fulfil the mandate.


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