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8 Apr 2015 , The Dolder Grand, Zürich
FinTech 2015, Innovation in Finance

Mobile banking, social trading and peer-to-peer lending are evidence of the continuous digitalisation of the finance industry. No financial institution can afford to ignore the opportunities and challenges posed by this development. Budding fintech start-ups from all over the world are shaking the traditional finance industry. It remains to be seen who the winners of the race for the digital future of the finance business will be. Who will be able to win the customers’ trust in a digital market? Who can guarantee the security of virtual accounts? Which business model will manage to keep up with regulatory requirements in the long run? Without a long-term strategy and vision, this fintech trend will threaten the business of numerous financial institutions.

 The “FinTech 2015 - Innovation in Finance” forum will help you determine if your company is fit for the future.