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Executive Board

Francisco Fernandez, Group CEO
Francisco Fernandez is an entrepreneur who has committed himself to IT solutions in the finance sector. He holds a master’s degree in informatics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich as well as a certificate in business administration from the Centre for Industrial Management (BWI) of the ETH. Fernandez is the principal shareholder of the Avaloq group and shareholder of the Adcubum AG. Francisco Fernandez’ goal is to contribute to the financial system’s stability by making financial institutions more secure, more efficient and more transparent. Beyond that he aims at redesigning the dialogue and interaction between financial institutions and their customers. Apart from his rational and analytical side Fernandez has a musical side as well. He loves spending time with his family and playing the piano to relax after a busy day.

Dr Thomas Beck, General Manager Software Development

Thomas Beck was Avaloq’s Head of Innovation Development for three years before he joined the executive board as General Manager Software Development in January 2015. He has more than 20 years of IT experience within the financial industry. Prior to joining Avaloq, he held various senior management positions at UniCredit Bank AG. Alongside his professional experience, Thomas Beck also has a strong academic track record. He received his degree in mathematics and computer science at the Technical University of Munich, where he also obtained his doctorate. He has also held lectures on economic and financial mathematics at several universities.

Markus Bertini, Group CFO

Markus Bertini was appointed Group CFO in 2014 and member of the group executive board in July 2015. He has an excellent reputation as strong leader and executor, distinguishing himself through his passion for entrepreneurship and his vast experience in finance. Markus Bertini is a Swiss Certified Specialist for Finance and Accounting. In the past, he was the Head of International Controlling and CFO for multinational companies. Before joining Avaloq, Bertini successfully built up his own accountancy and consulting company serving multinational clients with guidance and support. In addition, he worked as a lecturer at Zurich Business School for eight years.

Dr Pascal Föhn, Group COO

Pascal Föhn was appointed Group COO in July 2015 and has been a member of the group executive board since. Prior to this, he was responsible for the Group Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Communication division for 5 years. In this function, Föhn contributed substantially to the strengthening of the Avaloq brand and fostered the internationalisation of marketing, communication and sales. Pascal Föhn has a deep and profound knowledge of the financial industry. Before joining Avaloq, he was working for the largest wealth manager for ten years occupying different positions in the banking area both in Zurich and Hong Kong. He has a doctorate from the University of Zurich and held lectures in marketing at several universities.



Klaus Rausch, General Manager Central & Eastern Europe

Klaus Rausch has been a member of Avaloq’s executive board since 2009. After six years as CTO, he was appointed General Manager Central & Eastern Europe in 2015. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Aachen University. Klaus Rausch began his career in 1985 at IBM, taking on international management and executive management responsibilities in Germany, Europe and the US. His professional path took him from the financial services provider Fiducia to the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg to the Hypovereinsbank, where he last held the position of spokesperson for the executive board of the bank’s IT subsidiary. Klaus Rausch is distinguished in particular by his wide-ranging experience in a large number of integration and change management projects.

Peter Schöpfer, Group CMO

Peter Schöpfer has been a member of the executive board of Avaloq since 2006. He initially joined as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and has over 20 years of experience in operational management. During his five year spell as Chief Marketing Officer, he contributed substantially to the corporation’s successful diversification into the retail and universal banking markets. In July 2015, he was appointed Chief Markets Officer leading all market divisions in the group executive board. He is a member of the board of directors of the Avaloq group. Schöpfer has a track record in managing large teams and excels with his in-depth expertise and experience in international management and expansion. Beginning his professional career at Swisscom in 1986, Peter Schöpfer holds an International MBA from University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Peter Scott, General Manager Asia Pacific

Peter Scott joined the executive board of Avaloq in April 2013 and is responsible for the Asia Pacific region. He is a distinguished expert with profound global experience and extensive expertise in the financial services industry. Among other past achievements, Scott has lead the development of a new core banking solution, has overseen a solution provider’s entire banking sector on a global basis and has successfully developed and driven several worldwide market strategies. One of Scott’s core strengths is his talent to seamlessly combine technological and banking expertise, enabling the creation of new business solutions and the expansion into new markets.

Tecla Solari, General Manager Western & Southern Europe

Tecla Solari joined Avaloq as Head of Sales and Distribution in 2002 and has played a decisive role in building up the company’s leading position in Switzerland and abroad. In 2011, she was appointed Country Manager for France, before she became Managing Director France, Southern Europe and Morocco. In 2014, she was appointed General Manager Western & Southern Europe and member of the executive board. Tecla Solari has a strong track record in developing new markets and enjoys an excellent reputation in managing complex customer projects on an international level.
Solari holds a university degree in business & economics (HEC) and a master’s degree in international management from the University of Lausanne as well as an MBA certificate from Babson Graduate School of Business in Boston, USA. She started her career in the banking industry as a trader and financial analyst. In 1996, she joined Reuters, where she held several management positions in implementation consulting and business development for financial software.

Ronald Strässler, Group Chief GPN

Ronald Strässler is the founder and architect of the Avaloq Banking Suite. He has been a member of the executive board since 2003, initially in the function of Chief Special Tasks, then as Head Tools and Group COO. Since 2015, he is in the role of Group Chief Global Processing Network. Strässler began his professional career as a software engineer in 1991 after graduating with a degree in informatics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.