The right fit

An exceptional company needs exceptional people. Like you.

As a company, we’re always looking for ways to challenge the status quo. In order to succeed, we need passionate, highly skilled individuals who can provide support and advice in a wide variety of areas. That’s why, at Avaloq, we offer numerous career opportunities and the chance for our people to grow into their roles – helping meet their desires and future ambitions.

Banking specialists

As a banking specialist, you’ll provide efficient, effective and highly secure back-office services designed to meet our clients’ needs. You’ll be involved in transactional services, securities administration and banking accounting, and you will learn to master data activities, drawing on your understanding of processes and services within your discipline.

Software engineers

As a software engineer, you’ll use your engineering knowledge to create state-of-the-art banking applications. You’ll play a major role in developing, implementing and integrating new components for cutting-edge banking solutions.

Business analysts

As a business analyst, you’ll combine your banking and technology knowledge at the interface between clients and developers. Your job will involve analysing individual client needs and working with the development team to incorporate solutions into our banking software.


As a consultant, your role will require close collaboration with clients and active participation in designing the banking and technical solutions they need. Your responsibilities will include technical realization and customization and the continuous optimization of processes – in line with market demand and our customers’ changing requirements.

IT specialists

As an IT specialist, you will support solution construction, implementation and systems integration, helping deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. We’ll make the most of your specialist knowledge in relation to defining requirements, design, implementation, production projects and engagements, and we will always encourage you to broaden out into new areas.

Key account managers

As a key account manager, you will be expected to build upon existing client relationships. You will also be responsible for all the commercial and contractual aspects relating to your clients, maintaining communication channels, and acting as a bridge between clients and our service and development teams.

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Reach your full potential at Avaloq

At Avaloq, we want you to learn, grow and innovate so that we can continue to provide our clients with outstanding technology and services. Because to be the best means ensuring you work at your best, so we will support you every step of the way if you want to switch direction within the company or spend time polishing up your skills in a certain area.

Avaloq Career Map

Helping you find your place

At Avaloq, we know that your career can follow many different directions, just as we know that you have certain expectations for your ideal journey. Avaloq City, our innovative online platform, helps our colleagues to discover new career options. Based on their background and the information they provide, it offers advice on various generic career paths and directions.

Avaloq training

Every line manager has a set budget to be used for language courses and technical and soft skill programmes.

In addition, our Avaloq Academy offers 500 clients and Avaloq employees the chance to take part in high-intensity training and awards certification programmes every year.

Finally, we have partnered with Udemy for Business – a workplace learning solution offering 7000+ top-rated courses across more than 75 categories. This opportunity gives our employees access to lifelong learning anytime, anywhere!

People development

At Avaloq, we focus on developing our people rather than prioritizing the “performance management” process. By working together on team and individual career development, we are always finding ways to challenge the status quo.

Knowledge sharing

We believe that innovation – and finding better ways to run our clients’ operations – are part of our ongoing journey to excellence rather than an end goal. That’s why we encourage every member of our staff to share ideas and knowledge, and to collaborate whenever the opportunity arises.

Let’s talk about perks

With perks offered at each of our offices, we’re always working on ways to make work more enjoyable. Check out some of the benefits we offer below.

Competitive salaries

We offer a competitive base salary for every employee, as well as the opportunity to receive rewards for outstanding work.

Success share units

Depending on our performance in any given year, Avaloq aims to share our success with all employees by paying out ‘Success Share Units’.


Additional benefits

In addition to company-wide benefits including free snacks and coffee, different offices have separate benefits programmes.


Career growth

With our training, upskilling and coaching initiatives, we’ll support your career growth and development.

Flexible hours

We offer flexible working hours in a dynamic, open and collaborative work environment.


Solid onboarding

Our onboarding programme will get you up to speed wherever you are based, offering you the chance to “e-meet” our leadership.