Streamlining the client journey with Avaloq Wealth

Helping wealth managers and advisors improve the client experience by giving them the tools they need to deliver clear and confident advice – and, as a consequence, create long-term success for financial institutions.

To excel in today’s fast-paced financial world, wealth managers and financial institutions must cut down on timely – and costly – administrative processes and focus on what they do best: providing sound advice to their clients. In order to reach that point, we need to look back on the way the advisor-customer relationship has changed in recent years.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve observed completely different levels of client engagement within the investment process. Back in 2000, it was simple: wealth clients invested in the next hot stock or internet phenomenon, putting little thought into portfolio diversification.

By 2008, however, things had taken a turn. Triggered by the global recession, the industry started taking notice of challenges surrounding issuer concentration in investment portfolios – on top of new, previously unseen administrative burdens. Their approach to offering investment advice had to change.

“Today’s client expects a new kind of wealth management experience. And that means a focus on new business outcomes – offerings designed from the client’s perspective that deliver more informed, more personalized, more transparent, and more collaborative service more quickly, efficiently and effectively.”


In essence, to achieve success in the new era, wealth managers need to be empowered in order to provide highly personalized advice and bespoke services. And they need to do so while cutting down on non-value adding tasks such as administration.

Improving client engagement

Financial institutions and wealth managers need the right tools to cut down on cumbersome tasks and get straight to the point: helping their clients grow and improve the way they carry out their business.

Advisors have a notoriously busy schedule and little administrative time on their hands. It can be difficult to get a quick overview of all clients and their portfolio status. This can make client engagement processes and administrative tasks slow and painful.

At the same time, they need solutions to work with all asset classes – including private equity vehicles and privately placed structured products, so that users can carry out automated regulatory activities like pre-deal suitability, target-market and cross-border checks.

But, often, wealth managers don’t have the opportunity to gather real-time information in order to deliver clear and confident advice to their clients. That’s why our platform has been designed to enable advisors to provide intelligent and actionable investment strategies – through access to customized insights and real-time client engagement tools. The platform streamlines painful administration and client-engagement processes.

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The Avaloq Wealth platform – an all-encompassing investment advisory solution

Reacting to changing consumer expectations in the digital age

To create sustainable change, advisors need to streamline preparation of investment proposals and take their clients on a smooth investment journey.

By offering advisors additional content management tools, we’ll help them improve the way they distribute macro-and microeconomic research – leading to better proposal acceptance rates. This means advisors can also convert ‘investment stories’ into actionable investment strategies and portfolio-relevant insights: with our microservice-based architecture and platform designed to integrate with ecosystem partner products like Adviscent’s interactive advisory framework.

To ensure smooth adoption, we have focused on three areas:

  1. Firstly, building a solution for digital advisors which caters to more demanding client interaction.
  2. Secondly, enabling real-time feedback on regulatory checks and market risks.
  3. And thirdly, improving usability and simulation capabilities.

Now, today, a wide range of our clients use our platform as part of Avaloq Banking Suite. Serving their clients in a fully automated, regulatory manner – while automatically generating pre-trade documents and protocols for wealth managers.

If you’d like to create a new advisory experience, visit our dedicated page on Avaloq Wealth or get in touch.

“Investing significantly in technology is a key pillar of our five-year strategy and will ensure we remain well positioned for continued growth. By reducing the amount of time our people spend on administration, we can increase the time they spend adding value to client relationships. Importantly, we trust Avaloq to deliver a solution of the scale that will underpin our digital agenda to support tomorrow’s business.”

David Cobb

Co-chief executive at Smith & Williamson

Our roadmap

Continuous improvement of our solutions – for the near and long term

Our Avaloq Wealth empowers advisors to do what they do best: provide sound advice and personalized services. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do more – like continually create and add new capabilities and functions to the platform. For example, we’re developing capabilities that can strengthen portfolio management. We’re also improving the platform’s health check and asset management functionalities, as well as introducing capabilities that will optimize how advisors track and manage errors. Capabilities that all, ultimately, serve the same function: to enable advisors to create intelligent and actionable investment strategies.

Note: The content of this roadmap is for information only and is intended to outline the general product direction; accordingly, it should not be relied upon for the purpose of making purchasing decisions. The information provided is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.

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