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In our modern world, new technologies are changing how we interact with each other every day. The mobile phone, part of this digitalization of our lives, is now the smart phone filled with software for personal and business services. This bigger community of daily contacts includes our financial institutions. As reported by McKinsey, the accessibility of up to date online information, particularly on current business investment markets, is raising the expectations of the client banking experience.

“Customers increasingly expect products and services that are designed to meet their needs, delight them with unexpectedly great experiences.”


Clients enjoy the convenience of smart phone offerings and applications that make information and services easier and more accessible. Especially during recent times, the substantial increase in digital engagement solidifies that the shift in client behaviour is moving even faster towards a digital end-to-end journey.

As we move into the future, clients expect 24/7 access to businesses and financial institutions in a smart phone application. Unfortunately, the wealth management side of financial institutions need to quickly adapt to stay a part of this digitalization landscape. But with the continued advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of social messaging applications, wealth managers have the opportunity to offer their clients the enhanced journey they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

“For everyone time that customers visit a branch, they now access their banking apps between 50 and 80 times.”


The ratio of time spent on banking apps compared to client-facing appointments is greatly skewed towards the more accessible digital interaction. As financial institutions' digital sales have not increased by much, now is the time to capitalize on this next logical next step in the race to digitization.

Welcome to conversational banking

Supporting your clients’ demand for digital, instant, and personalized service

Digital transformation is changing the global banking landscape. Developing superior digital capabilities is essential for the long-term success of any financial institution and for wealth managers looking to compete in this rapidly changing environment. The shift to heavy reliance on digital intelligent self-service, responsive mobile applications, and other web-related applications resulted in financial institutions implementing many banking services online.

What will not shift is the face-to-face wealth management meetings; the client connection is so valuable that it should be thought of as the best way for wealth managers to build a strong customer service experience for their clients. According to Accenture, a multi-channel approach is necessary to maximize the client experience. Therefore, the failure to keep up with the trends, left advisors no choice but to provide a seamless multi-channel experience and to communicate with their clients through channels that are already a part of their everyday – nonbanking social messaging applications such as WhatsApp or WeChat.

“Human touch and nuanced advice from a human advisor is still wanted— particularly in more complex investing situations.”


Keeping clients fully engaged at all times is an approach that requires time, effort, and tact. To stay relevant to clients’ lives means moving beyond pure conventional wealth management to become part of a client’s every day. Financial institutions must provide a high-quality client experience whether that environment is face-to-face or digital – to create consistent conversational client experience even when on the go with all the critical security and compliance necessary. Today and into the future, the culture of accessibility requires more than offering simple products and services but needs to be an intuitive client interaction with quick response times, customized offers, and extended support above and beyond the client experience of yesterday.

To increase client engagement, wealth managers need tools to meet the clients’ demand for immediate online contact and consultation. A communication channel tailored to the wealth manager and client interaction with intuitive and user-friendly functionalities that both parties are excited to use.

“67% of investors want software that enables tracking of transactions, payments and other financial data in real-time to provide better recommendations.”


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At Avaloq, we want to help financial institutions reinvent the client journey. We strive to empower wealth managers with the tools to provide highly personalized digital experiences to their clients in the most seamless fashion. Making the most out of attracting, engaging, and delighting their clients.

In the new era of conversational banking, face-to-face relationship between the client and their wealth manager is still a key communication strategy, but to enhance the client experience also requires including innovative personal communication technologies. Every financial institution has to be able to react and adapt to various client preferences, including personal contact management, real-time information exchange (e.g. messaging), or asynchronous communication (e.g. email).

Reaching for the highest level of client service, the Avaloq Engage app lets financial institutions and wealth managers drive an enhanced client experience; enabled by innovative technology and value-creating features. For clients, they can create an individualized experience with standard functionalities to oversee and manage their financial affairs.

The Avaloq Engage solutions – Web Banking, Mobile Banking and Engage App – are part of Avaloq’s vision to optimize the digital end-to-end journey and help clients enter the new era of conversational banking.

If you would like to hear more about how to excel in the new era of conversational banking or how Avaloq Engage can help connect better to clients, get in touch.

“Nowadays, worldwide every 2nd person owns a smartphone to stay in touch with other people. Digital interaction has become the norm, even for businesses like financial institutions. Our vision with Avaloq Engage is to help banks and wealth managers meet those client demands for instant and personalized quality service also via digital channels.”

Fabian Grande

Group Product Manager at Avaloq

Our roadmap

Continuous improvement of our solutions – for the near and long term

Today, our clients expect – and demand – seamless multi-channel experiences anytime and anywhere. With the Avaloq Engage, we’re delivering just that and more. We’re also continuously improving the way how our applications perform and ensuring our interface is always up to date. Thereby optimizing the user’s digital journey and overall banking experience.

Note: The content of this roadmap is for information only and is intended to outline the general product direction; accordingly, it should not be relied upon for the purpose of making purchasing decisions. The information provided is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.

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