Gain flexibility and efficiency through cloud-enabled banking

Scale your business

Focus on growing your business rather than spending time constantly improving legacy IT infrastructure. Run more operations as-a-service to improve cost savings, time-to-market and year-round reliability.

Enhance efficiency

With your service partner taking care of regular software updates and fine-tuning, your day-to-day workflow becomes smoother and easier. Tap into a streamlined and efficient service centre setup and experience maximum efficiency.

Get cutting-edge automation

Automation is key to high-performance operations with hyper-efficient processing. Running software in the cloud using advanced robotics and other technologies lets you harness its full potential.

Variable banking services costs

Adopting cloud services requires minimum upfront infrastructure investment and involves no depreciation or renewal costs. This means you can move your IT spending from a CAPEX to OPEX.  

Boost agility

Cloud-enabled platforms offer the agility you need to optimize processes, further boost digitalization and deploy new updates and functionalities in less time.

Ensure data security

Avaloq’s financial cloud ensures platform compliancy, and we employ high encryption standards across our cloud platforms. 

Delivering specialized cloud banking services for financial institutions

Free your business with Avaloq cloud banking services

Pioneering cloud services
for financial institutions

Avaloq cloud services help you unlock the potential to modernize your operations, platforms and infrastructure, as well as meet demanding regulatory requirements.

Today’s generic cloud services cannot meet the high standards of performance, security and compliance that are essential for financial institutions. That’s why, with Avaloq, you’ll find a specialized partner that understands these needs and priorities. 

Avaloq delivers a complete suite of cloud services including Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Making every Avaloq solution cloud-native

With 15+ years’ experience in cloud computing, we have re-structured the Avaloq Banking Suite.

Today, every Avaloq solution can run in any cloud environment, and we have supported the move from today’s cloud-enabled technology to tomorrow’s cloud-native solutions.

Avaloq Financial Cloud

The Avaloq Financial Cloud is co-developed with IBM. Combining IBM’s infrastructure capabilities with Avaloq’s state-of-the-art SaaS and BPaaS services. 

The Avaloq Financial Cloud provides future-proof capabilities and can support public, private and hybrid cloud models. 

Services delivered without compromising security

Avaloq cloud banking services deliver strict SLAs that guarantee the highest levels of performance, security and protection against system failure, 24/7 – giving you assurance that your systems will always live up to regulatory requirements. 

Private, public or a hybrid?

Avaloq is the partner who understands your operational needs as a bank or wealth manager. 

We know that some of your infrastructure might have to be kept on a private cloud, with the remainder stored on a public cloud. Some functions may even call for a hybrid model or an on-site setup. 

Cloud adoption is taking over the world

As a result of wealth management firms facing pressure to improve operational efficiency and performance, more and more have moved to the cloud. 

Main drivers for adopting a cloud system

According to IDC's Innovation in Wealth Management Survey 2018, 84% of wealth managers said the next few years would see them focus on operational efficiency due to increased process complexity and costs, especially with regards to middle and back offices. 

In Asia, for example, 94% of wealth managers said the main drivers of cloud adoption were boosting digital innovation and finding more cost-effective ways to serve their clients (such as digital sales and omni-channel experience). In Western Europe, 65% of respondents said they used cloud computing to cut IT expenses and improve IT performance.

Changing operating models

Another essential element to consider is the operating model adopted by each region based on current needs and market dynamics. As we can see in Figure 1, most wealth managers in Asia plan to adopt SaaS as their main operating model, with their European peers preferring a mix of SaaS and IaaS. This suggests the former are more open to sharing data and network control with third parties than their European counterparts.

But one thing is for sure: wealth managers everywhere are beginning to allocate resources to the cloud. To improve operational efficiency – and create a more connected and open financial ecosystem.

Getting it right when you move to cloud

For an in-depth look at your cloud options, read this recent Deloitte report with contributions from Avaloq experts.

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World-leading financial players use Avaloq’s cloud services

What do financial institutions like BBVA, DBS and Falcon have in common? They all benefit from Avaloq cloud services.

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