In the world of open banking, banks are expected to innovate fast and keep up with the latest fintech developments. brings banks and fintechs closer together to accelerate the integration of fintechs into the banks ecosystem.

Connecting fintechs to banks

With, fintechs can integrate their solutions into the Avaloq platform through standard, open APIs. This allows banks and fintechs to benefit from easier integration and faster time to market for innovation. Banks can browse and review proven fintech solutions in the marketplace and request a demo on a click of a button. enables banks to remain at the cutting edge of innovation by continuously screening the market and scouting for the best fintech solution. Thereby, helps banks every step of the way to search, evaluate, select and integrate fintech solutions to improve their capabilities and offerings.

Avaloq is a reliable partner to banks and fintechs in the entire process.

Our partnerships with deep technical integration

Over the last years, we have developed a number of third-party integrations through standard and certified avaloq adapters, fix protocols and banklets. All partner products use the Avaloq data model and integrate directly with our functionality and are available on software exchange. We guarantee that these adapters are developed based on standards set and maintained within the Avaloq community. They utilize our orchestration and data access layers and are integrate via standard web services.

Embrace open banking with confidence

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Avaloq’s Open APIs

Products featured in the marketplace use our growing library of open APIs to integrate directly with Avaloq’s core data and business logic. This standard method of integration ensures users get the fast, frictionless experience they need, while helping you keep clients’ data securely under your control. And these open APIs aren’t only available to fintechs - they can be used by anyone to integrate new and existing services with the Avaloq Banking Suite, quickly and easily.