08 April 2002

outstanding user friendly

Arthur Andersen AG comments Avaloq Banking System as “outstanding user friendly”

Zurich, 8th April 2002 - In its second edition of their "Satisfaction survey of integrated banking packages

2001/2002", Arthur Andersen AG comments on Avaloq Banking System:

"Avaloq Banking System AG (formerly BZ Informatik) has respectably grown the size of their client base in

the Swiss private banking market over the past two years. Along with having nearly doubled head-count, Avaloq has

transitioned from a project company to a product company. If past performance is sustained, Avaloq will be a greater

threat to more established vendors. The rebranding results from a partial employee company purchase.

The few survey responds stress the value of Avaloq’s outstanding user friendliness and the bank’s improved

operational effectiveness and enabled flexibility. Further strengthening of portfolio management and customer relationship

management capabilities were cited.

Avaloq’s high adaptability and customization capacity has an influence on the implementation time, which

tends to be longer. Past implementation woes should be overcome by staff growth and increase in number of experienced

implementation partners."

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