01 October 2001

Successful implementation of Avaloq

Successful implementation of the Avaloq Banking System at CIAL (Schweiz) AG in Geneva

The headquarters of Bank CIAL (Schweiz) AG in Basel and four additional branches have been working with the Avaloq Banking System since January 1, 2000. Now, the Geneva branch of Bank CIAL (Schweiz) AG - an earlier acquisition - replaced its previous IT-solution with the Avaloq Banking System on the weekend of September 29-30, 2001.

The implementation was a success. In March 2001 COMIT Financial Systems AG received the order to integrate the Geneva branch with the existing system. Naturally, this was not an entirely technical project. The Geneva branch which had, to a large extent, carried out its own transactions independently, was integrated into the processes of Bank CIAL (Schweiz) AG . At the same time as this project work, the change to release 8and virt-x took place in the productive system, as well as many parameterisation tasks, the goal of which was the utilization of new Avaloq functionalities.

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