11 October 2006

Vontobel switches its third-party securities business to Avaloq

Since the beginning of last week, Bank Vontobel is processing securities transactions for Raiffeisen Switzerland via the Avaloq Banking System. The system is able to handle very large volumes with considerable speed and provides a high degree of automation.

Bank Vontobel has chosen Avaloq's standard software for its securities transaction insourcing; since the beginning of October it is processing securites transactions for Raiffeisen Switzerland with the Avaloq Banking System. The asset manager at Bank Vontobel can now administer custody accounts and securities holdings for non-Vontobel clients (an activity known as client custody) without infringing bank-client confidentiality. The clients, in turn, profit from Bank Vontobel's specialist know-how in securities trading as well as from lower costs.

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