Design-driven approach to redefine digital interactions


In our increasingly digitalized world, we have started to perceive our lives as a collection of experiences. This has become apparent as a new standard in many industries, notably within the tourism sector. New providers now enable tourists to organize multi-faceted experiences using digital channels, rather than simply booking a hotel, flights or a rental car.

These providers are prime examples of how important it is to not only offer predefined solutions but also to address people’s greater needs and interests by offering an abundance of options that can be selected with a simple click.

The ability of digital devices to foster this change in service cannot be underestimated: many of today’s most successful players make everything available, anytime and anywhere. Other industries are now obliged to keep pace, including the financial services industry.

This is of particular importance in the wealth management segment, where institutions are striving to set themselves apart from their competitors by finding innovative ways to offer clients the same service experience that they expect on their usual digital channels. To achieve this, financial institutions need to focus on their clients’ experiences and on empowering their employees to provide that experience using the right tools.

Today’s workforce has a wealth of world-class digital tools available to them on their personal devices and is used to many– if not most– interactions taking place on this channel. This way of operating has become expected in the workplace as well, and it is essential for today’s financial institutions to meet those expectations if they hope to retain top talent, especially within their client-facing teams.

Avaloq vision

We strive to be a dedicated partner for financial institutions, here to create defining digital services and experiences that will enable our partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our vision is to redefine the way digital interactions take place between financial institutions and their clients. We aim to offer the ultimate high-touch contact, so that advisers can reach clients on the channels they’re already using on a daily basis, removing the existing frictions that are still plaguing many web and mobile banking experiences. We aim to provide banking front office employees with a truly digital working environment that is delightful to use and that empowers them to focus on offering pre-eminent services to their clients by lightening the associated administrative burden and allowing them to intelligently prioritize their work.


To realize our vision, we’re collaborating with banks, wealth managers and their staff and clients around the globe to shape our design-driven approach. This comes into play from the offset by identifying strategic business needs and goals and continues throughout the partnership to ensure the right priorities are being addressed at exactly the right time.

Our current focus is to co-create dedicated user experiences for key front office employees that will meet the specific needs of relationship managers, advisers and portfolio managers. As part of the wealth management and advisory platform, we’ll be launching versions of these experiences in H1 2020. We’re simultaneously developing new integrated messaging capabilities so that relationship managers can seamlessly contact clients using their preferred messaging apps.

These new initiatives will additionally be shaped by direct feedback from users, which we’ll gather at an upcoming experience lab. Capabilities will be further extended over the next 12 months with additional product and usage analytics, which will provide greater understanding of how the tools are being used and offer tangible insights for how we can continue to improve them.

Another important differentiating factor for financial institutions to consider is the need to properly reflect their brand specifics in the digital experiences they offer their clients. As these experiences increasingly consist of services from many different providers, creating a seamless, fully branded experience can be incredibly challenging.

To address this, we’re adopting Google’s Material Design as the foundation for all of our future user experiences, and we’ll offer a UI kit that enables banks and wealth managers to more easily incorporate their unique brand requirements to create custom experiences. As this matures over the coming months, our design system will be available to the Avaloq community so that our clients and partners can contribute and create additional experiences using these tools.

We believe integrating a design-driven approach within our partnerships, products and services will allow us to better support financial institutions as they strive to meet their clients’ ever more demanding digital expectations.