If you use our SaaS banking solution, costs come right down and you can enjoy some of the most efficient banking on the planet. But there is one solution which is even more efficient. We know that, because we see the world’s most hyper-efficient banking happening every day in our service centres. Our STP rates are up to 100%, reversal rates are negligible and costs are reduced by up to 30%.

By running our customers’ banking operations from our own centres, we help them focus on what they do best, while we do what we do better than anyone.

Shared, cloud-based solution

Technology from the cloud delivers unequalled automation and efficiency and frees up your resources and capital.

Standard industrial model

Our industrial approach lowers your operational costs, shortens your time to market and enables you to focus on differentiation.

Back office expertise

Our multilingual teams of back office banking and software specialists ensure you receive the highest quality service.


Match your costs to your workload.

Outsourcing driven by automation

What makes Avaloq different is the fact that we use our own software, day in, day out, across our global network of service centres. We live with it, tend it, tweak it and know it inside out.

With smart software and robotic process automation minimizing the need for human intervention, efficiency hits extraordinary heights, leading to economies of scale we can share with every customer.

It’s tomorrow’s outsourcing today – economical, hassle-free and totally reliable. That’s why, since 2011, 60% of our customers have chosen the outsourced option for their banking needs.


Pay-per-use and economies of scale

Our service centres manage 230 end-to-end banking processes and assets of more than USD 500 billion. We’ll handle as much of your back-office operation as you want us to and our pay-per-use model means you’ll never have to pay for more than you need.

Orbis data shows that banks that have implemented Avaloq Business Process as a Service have seen their cost–income ratios drop by 15% or more.

New services to grow your business

Looking for new custody services? Want high-speed, low-cost trade execution? Anyone for portfolio comparisons? Structured products, perhaps? The street-side services you’d love to offer are waiting for you on the Avaloq Business Network.

This is our automated distribution platform, connecting you directly to services supplied by our trusted partners like Vontobel, Credit Suisse and Leonteq. Costs are low – some banks talk about 20% savings – because the Avaloq Community generates a lot of volume, and you can enhance your offer, add new revenue streams and match or beat your biggest competitors.  

Defended with ironclad security

Our long experience of delivering solutions for highly sensitive banking environments has helped us develop exceptional data security and cyber-defence expertise.

We employ top security experts to probe and test our defences, which leads to our solutions being among the world’s most trusted for private data.

NelsonHall has rated Avaloq as a leader in both wealth and asset management BPS and new digital banking models.


Fast-tracking expansion and integration

As well as delivering breathtaking efficiency, BPaaS can help you break new records for getting to market quickly. We’ve helped a brand-new bank, Capital Union, go live in just 90 days. We’ve helped Banque Cramer merge new acquisitions in 12 weeks flat – not once, but twice, in two successive years.


Opening new branches in new locations doesn’t have to be a struggle. Modernizing your banking technology across several countries needn’t be a painful process. Making strategic acquisitions needn’t leave you grappling with integration issues. Just outsource the processing and start focusing on your real priorities.

Trustworthy communications with your customers

Whether delivering printed documents or the latest social media content, consistent client communication is central to your service. We design, manage and deliver personalized omni channel communication from a single reliable platform and we do it with scale.

Every year 180 million printed pages, 60 million envelopes and 10 million e-documents arrive on time, tracked and confirmed.

“Avaloq provides wealth and asset management operations services which are focused on platform-based SaaS and BPaaS, delivering a high degree of STP and automation. Avaloq helps wealth and asset managers and private banks to modernize their platforms and business models to remain viable in the financial services industry.”

Andy Efstathiou

Research Director for Banking Sourcing Services at NelsonHall