Flexible delivery models to suit every business

Whether you are looking to outsource your back-office processes, achieve peak agility and scalability, or maintain full control of your unique IT infrastructure, we have a delivery model that meets your business needs. Our expert implementation ensures smooth integration and a predictable, hassle-free process.

Let us run your back-office operations – so you can focus on your clients

Are your back-office processes weighing down your business? Are they hampering your front-end experience and your ability to innovate, while costs only continue to add up? Consider Avaloq BPaaS.

We’ll handle as much of your back-office operation as you want, and our pay-per-use model means you’ll never pay for more than you need. Orbis data shows that financial institutions using Avaloq BPaaS have seen their cost–income ratios drop by 15% or more.

Reduce complexity and boost scalability with SaaS

In the new era, agility and scalability are a competitive advantage for banks and wealth managers must innovate. Imagine how agile and quick to market you could be with a secure cloud-based banking platform that actually delivers high flexibility, low costs and world-class efficiency.

Imagine freeing your business from the need to manage any aspects of the underlying software and infrastructure. That’s what you get with Avaloq SaaS.

With the right partner, implementation is smooth and predictable

Whether you are a small financial organisation or a large corporation, we deliver implementation solutions that match your needs, no matter the challenge. Using our unique methodology and our distinct range of technical skills, we ensure market excellence, smooth integration and hassle-free implementation. And our track record remains untouched.

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