Digital transformation is not a matter of choice for banks and wealth managers. It is imperative for market survival. Clients’ expectations about what a bank should offer and how it should deliver it have been reshaped by their experience of fast, frictionless online retailing and their easy familiarity with today’s consumer technologies.

The new era of open banking is giving your clients more options than ever when it comes to choosing what services to use and who to trust with their most intimate financial relationships. But the use of cloud infrastructure levels the playing field, giving every class and size of financial services provider the opportunity to offer new services, enter new markets and scale up rapidly without the need for major capital investment.

The competition is fierce, and there’s no time to lose. So it’s important to know that, thanks to SaaS, your digital revolution can be achieved almost overnight. Many of the banks and wealth managers we work with have successfully completed the process of core digital transformation in just three months.

Rapid and safe digital transformation with Avaloq

Avaloq’s digital banking software has been designed to match the specific requirements of your clients and prospects. It gives you everything you need to provide a seamless, responsive experience across every possible channel, from face-to-face meetings to web and mobile services.

But this is about more than just our own capabilities. Avaloq’s integrated marketplace enables you to create a distinctive, differentiated offering, giving your clients simple and secure access to innovative third-party services and a huge range of state-of-the-art fintech solutions.

Digital leaders trust Avaloq

Web and mobile banking

Capabilities offered as a service reduce complexity for your bank.

Complete suite of capabilities

Seamless advisory process with integrated cross-border and client protection rules.

Omni-channel investment advisory

Integrated chat and video co-browsing for a full lifestyle experience.

Goal-based wealth management

Dynamic reassessment of investment strategies to minimize risk.

Web Banking

Avaloq web banking is the foundation for a digital platform that provides a seamless omni-channel experience to a wide range of client segments, markets and channels. The comprehensive range of capabilities helps clients to manage their financial life in a holistic way. The breadth of individualization functionality combined with an extensible open architecture provides banks with a set of tools to create a unique digital experience.

Mobile Banking

Today’s clients want to use their smartphones for everything from day-to-day banking to managing their investments, so providing a great mobile service is essential. Our mobile banking solution offers a full range of native and hybrid functionality to give your banking and wealth management clients the state-of-the-art digital experience they’re looking for.

The digital banking platform you need

Rich functionality

It’s go-live ready, straight out of the box. We give you all the digital banking functionality you’re looking for, including optimized core banking processes, rich payment options, credit, investment transactions and booking, as well as advisory and portfolio management.

Open platform

Our open system helps you collaborate smoothly with partners, fintechs and third-party apps. Our online developer portal provides all the APIs, documentation and support you’ll ever need.

Unparalleled flexibility

Avaloq’s digital components can be re-used across channels and users, with scope to fully customize and extend all components.

Quality experience

Seamless integration with the Avaloq core platform and our ecosystem of fintech partners enables our digital software to offer rapid, risk-free implementation and real value for money.

Seamless integration

Every component of our banking software operates within a framework that guarantees 100% consistency, using a single, unified semantic data model across every module.

Continuous innovation

The banks we work with rely on Avaloq to constantly improve our own software and to bring new and innovative partners into our ecosystem. Our record of client retention – unmatched across the industry – proves we keep on delivering, year in and year out.

TKB newly also relies on the e-banking solution of the software company Avaloq, which opens up synergies for the further development of the bank’s digital channels and offerings.

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