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As the global financial industry evolves, banks seek opportunities to meet customers’ expectations through digital, innovative and personalised experiences.

Being innovative can be challenging for many banks. Innovating fast can appear impossible. Organisational and technical constraints often hamper progress and lead to protracted projects and lack-lustre delivery. But bank clients will not wait!

The Avaloq Ecosystem enables fast innovation by connecting an ecosystem of fintechs and banks across a collaborative platform. Bank’s achieve rapid time to market and de-risk their innovation investments, while fintechs gain access to a thriving community of 158 banks to market their services.

Now we are writing a new chapter and taking the ecosystem to the next level.

FinovateAsia 2018

Our Regional Product Manager, Stewart Chen, and our Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation, Bodo Grauer, will present Avaloq’s Ecosystem at FinovateAsia to showcase our unique co-creation platform where extraordinary end-to-end fintech solutions and world class financial institutions will collaborate to achieve the most innovative customer experience.

Meet the Avaloq team

Stewart Chen

Regional Product Manager
Stewart is a digital native and prior to joining Avaloq, Stewart had been building successful start-ups for over 10 years. He steered his first start-up to triple-digit growth for 3 consecutive years, winning the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 from 2008 to 2010. He is passionate about products that make a difference, he has prototyped, built, managed, launched and scaled different digital solutions within banking, trading, procurement and e-commerce.

Bodo Grauer

Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation
Bodo is the development lead and drives product innovation for Avaloq’s ecosystem. He brings a wealth of experience and successful track record in managing technology projects for a large Swiss bank in global finance and driving digital transformation as a strategy consultant for clients around the world. He started as a programmer in the dotcom era and over the years worked for and founded multiple start-ups.

Roadmap 24

Avaloq whitepaper

Für Avaloq besteht eine strategische Priorität darin, ein umfassendes digitales Geschäftsökosystem zu schaffen – mit dem klaren Ziel, Bankkunden den Zugang zu den innovativsten und bewährtesten Fintech-Lösungen auf dem Markt zu eröffnen.

Dieses Whitepaper verschafft Ihnen einen Einblick in die Zukunft von Avaloq.