Avaloq is made for customization and collaboration, bringing together the best tools for the job and a world-class banking platform.

On top of this platform, you can quickly and easily deploy our ready-made self-service, e-banking, investment advisory, client on-boarding and front office modules. You can create wholly new functionality, add off-the-shelf third-party components and combine it all, seamlessly, in a single application that offers a rich, unified user experience.

To make it simple, we've created an online developer portal with all the APIs, documentation and support you’ll ever need.

An architecture for the digital future

The future, for every bank, is end-to-end digital. That’s why we have developed an architecture that delivers excellent system performance and availability while meeting your requirements for open web interfacing, high scalability, low latency and a world-class user experience.

Key elements include the use of Java-based applications and microservices for user engagement, combined with robust, battle-tested back-end functionality, written in PL/SQL and running on Oracle. We also make full use of containerization for our SaaS solution.

Leveraging open source software

We are increasingly using open technologies to boost operational efficiency when building new solutions and to provide more scope and flexibility for our customers, partners and fintechs.

As part of our Open API initiative, we will be delivering a broad spectrum of REST business APIs, structured to match the BIAN business domains. The building blocks of the Avaloq platform utilize open standards and open source software wherever it makes sense to do so. In return, we also feed back our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the open source community.


A platform of three distinct layers

With this three-layer structure, flexible customization strategies at each level and the support of our worldwide network of IT experts, you can make your system do what you need it to do, now and in the future.

Presentation layer

Our UIs leverage AngularJS and our own custom UI framework to help you build complex web-based applications and deliver lightweight usability for mobile and desktop endpoints. Whatever multi-channel or digitalization challenges you face, this UI framework can offer modern, responsive solutions with inherently high security.

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Service layer

Our service layer gives you the flexibility to interface with the Avaloq platform just the way you want to, using standard APIs and a range of tools that allow you to implement services exactly as needed. A broad set of interface technologies combined with an e-banking-grade security architecture provide secure, efficient and flexible access to the rich business functionality of our platform.

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Business layer

The business layer offers highly configurable functionality that covers most banking business processes. Customers and partners can reuse and extend this functionality to create their own unique solutions.

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Technology partners

Our strong partner network creates innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We work with our technology partners to integrate Avaloq solutions into our customers' system environments in a way that ensures optimum performance. Stability and innovation are central to these long-term partnerships so that we can keep our customers’ technology up to date and maximize their benefit on a solid foundation.