In a perfect world, wealth management would be based on a powerful blend of human skills and great technology. People would focus on what they do best, talking to customers and exploring their needs and goals. The technology would do what it does best, finding the right portfolio options to recommend and making the back office run smoothly and efficiently.

This kind of ideal marriage of the human and the digital is rapidly becoming a real option for wealth managers. Automation can virtually eliminate the need for human intervention in the back office, while new tools like Avaloq’s Goal-Based Wealth Management can make finding the right balance of risk and desired performance a rewarding and interactive experience for both client and advisor.

The research you can download here looks into the future and illustrates how this hybrid approach is already being put into practice by some of the world’s leading wealth managers.

Wealth Portfolio Suites Turn to Digital Advisory - Early Risers

Aite’s 2018 Research Report surveys 12 leading wealth management system vendors.

“In the investor-advisor hybrid model, communication between two people establishes trust, creates the relationship, and drives client retention and referrals. A solution that enables a smart discussion, with a range of tools incorporated to the dialogue, exponentially strengthens the value the advisor brings to the table.” - Denise Valentine, Senior Analyst at Aite Group


Focusing on client goals: Avaloq at Finovate Europe 2018

Avaloq’s Goal-Based Wealth Management takes a dynamic approach to supporting investment advisors and helps in determining and explaining investment strategies under changing conditions. Built in collaboration with the banks and fintechs that make up the Avaloq ecosystem, it simplifies and demystifies the investment conversation.

Getting to Wealth Management4.0

In an industry facing a range of disruptive forces, senior executives know the key to sustainable success is transformation towards more balanced business models. Access the joint Orbium/Avaloq webinar that discusses the findings from Orbium’s recent C-level wealth management survey.


Emerging Models of Digital Wealth Advisory

Choosing the right wealth management model to adopt inevitably depends on your strategic perspective. In this joint whitepaper, Deloitte and Avaloq explore emerging models for the provision of private client investment advice and consider the strategic attributes needed in terms of technology and services.