Your roadmap to the future

Change is a given in the financial industry today and it’s happening faster all the time. Global events are eradicating ‘business as usual’. New players, from fintech startups to global tech giants, are impacting the market, while a new generation of digital natives creates specific demands. Emerging technologies are opening the door to completely new business models, all while regulations are tightening and margins are being squeezed by legacy IT systems. And that’s only the beginning.

All of this change is creating exciting opportunities for financial institutions and wealth managers, but you need to act quickly to embrace it, or it may be too late.

At Avaloq, we believe that a unique customer journey is key to attracting, engaging, and delighting clients – whatever’s happening in the market. We believe in harnessing data to ensure the most meaningful experience. We believe in connecting clients to an entire ecosystem of innovative financial products and services – because that will help you stay relevant in any future scenario. We also believe that to excel in customer engagement, you need built-in process efficiency and the ability to get new offerings to market fast – and a smooth, seamless end-to-end digital experience that allows you to continuously create and seize on new sales opportunities.

These are just a few of the strategies that can make your business more agile, resilient, and open to change – whatever it brings. And we can help pave the way. Welcome to your roadmap to the future.

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Our strategic pillars

Whatever your business strategy, these pillars can support your journey into the new era.

Wealth managementOpen banking

Client experienceAI, data & insight



Wealth management

Provide Wealth management to the many - not the few

Streamlining the client journey

To excel in the fast-paced financial world, it is key for wealth managers to improve the client experience. Avaloq enables financial institutions to meet changing consumer expectations in the digital age.


The multi-custody challenge

Wealth management is becoming increasingly independent of where assets are actually booked. How to adapt to this trend? Avaloq has the right wealth management tools for a better digital experience.


Sustainability and ESG practices

Sustainable and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments has seen a steep rise in demand. With an Investment Suitability Framework, Avaloq is making the ESG aspects an integral factor in wealth management.


Derivative offerings with impact

Make derivatives and structured products available to a greater audience – not reserved for sophisticated, institutional investors. Avaloq has acquired Derivatives Partners - making it possible to offer derivatives to any client, using any banking system.


Client experience

Creating excellent experience lets you attract, engage, and delight clients

Build strong client engagement

In our modern world, new technologies change how we interact with each other every day and clients expect 24/7 easy access to financial services. At Avaloq, we help deliver personalized services and drive strong client engagement whenever, wherever.

How to take a design-driven approach to the client experience

Our lives are no longer a series of single offline actions – they are a collection of digital experiences. We believe a design-driven mindset and taking a design-driven approach to digital services is a proven way to provide an excellent digital experience.


Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of “if” but “when” – and “how”

The future of cloud

There is no doubt now that core banking platforms will eventually move to the cloud. The question is not if or when, but how? At Avaloq, we see a clear pathway to cloud adoption and continuously strive to help meet our clients demand to move services to cloud.

Is SaaS right for your business?

Financial institutions and wealth managers are under pressure to improve operational efficiency. At Avaloq, we believe it’s time to move to cloud. With the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, standardization along with automation reduces the burden on clients.


Adopting BPaaS strengthens client services

Where can financial institutions and wealth managers stand out from their competitors? At Avaloq, we focus on new ways to ensure great and consistent client services – a stable and robust platform for Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) can enable this.


AI, data & insight

Harnessing data to gain insights

The potential of unlocking data

Artificial Intelligence is the next disruptor in the financial sector. With useful insights, data science solutions, and predictive power, Avaloq enables financial institutions to use data analytics insights to make better decisions for their clients.


How to bring crypto assets into the mainstream

It’s time to bring crypto to the mainstream

Crypto currencies are here to stay. A stabilized wider crypto sector means soon, more assets will be tokenized and made bankable. At Avaloq, our vision is to accelerate crypto asset integration into reliable and efficient crypto technology and solutions.

Open banking

Using technology to embrace an open ecosystem

Open banking and the shift to an open ecosystem

Financial institutions feel the pressure of competitors selecting the most profitable services and clients. Avaloq believes the shift to Open banking and our Ecosystem lets you achieve the speed, scale, and impact to stay ahead of the competition.


Adapting quickly to regulatory changes is key

Compliance fundamentally changes the financial services experience

The finance industry needs to understand and adapt to the paradigm shift caused by ever-changing regulations. Avaloq believes that a trusted network for compliance affairs lets financial institutions become and remain compliant in both front and back-offices.

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