12 Oct 2021
Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler committed to providing seamless end-to-end digital client experience with Avaloq

The two banks are expanding their long-standing partnership with Avaloq by moving their respective web and mobile banking solutions to Avaloq’s Engage platform.

Founded in 1899, Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) is one of Switzerland’s leading cantonal banks and the owner of Bank Cler, a successful Basel-based retail bank. Both banks have been using Avaloq’s core banking solution since 2007 to leverage synergies across the whole value chain. Now they have decided to further integrate their front-to-back solutions by migrating their web and mobile banking solutions to Avaloq’s Engage platform. The migration project has already started, and the go-live is planned for 2023.

Avaloq’s web and mobile solutions are part of the Avaloq Engage product line, which provides financial institutions with cutting-edge banking solutions that allow them to interact with their clients through multiple digital and mobile channels. The new and improved web solution features a future-ready technology stack with innovative functionalities such as chatbots, self-onboarding and analytics capabilities. Avaloq’s mobile solution supplements the web banking offering with a native app, providing a highly personalized user experience.

Basil Heeb, CEO of BKB and Chairman of Bank Cler, said: “Due to changes in the way people are living, our clients are increasingly looking for banking services that are provided through digital channels. BKB and Bank Cler are therefore committed to investing in a state-of-the-art web and mobile infrastructure for a seamless end-to-end digital client experience. Building on our long-standing partnership with Avaloq, we are confident that this project will be a major milestone in our digital transformation journey.”

Martin Greweldinger, co-CEO and Chief Product Officer at Avaloq, said: “Avaloq’s constant innovation is a direct result of the active collaboration with our clients based on strong partnerships. BKB and Bank Cler have been members of the Avaloq Community for 14 years – during which time we have seen enormous developments in the web and mobile banking field. We are looking forward to continuing to drive this change with our clients so they can offer their clients state-of-the-art products and services.”