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Retail Banking

The Avaloq software solution enables you to confidently counter cost pressure.

What Moves the Market?

Uncertain markets, falling margins, rising costs, new regulatory requirements and changing client needs – these are challenges that especially affect retail banks. New solutions are in demand wherever standard products and bulk transactions are among the core services. The aim is to be quicker, leaner, less expensive – and in retail banking there is only one really promising solution which provides all this: industrialisation.

What Can Avaloq Offer?

Avaloq offers its retail banking customers a comprehensive software solution which results in significant increases in efficiency from the front to the back office. Avaloq reduces the manual process rates by more than 50% immediately after the going live, and the cost/income ratio is in general lower for financial institutions using the Avaloq Banking Suite than for other retail banks.


Applications such as the call center solution, the cashier solution or the Avaloq Mobile Banking app combine compliance, efficiency and security with new client experiences. This is one of the reasons why users of our retail solutions rate us even better than those who use our wealth management solution.


Thanks to the unique multi-entity capability of our solutions, new business units and service models can be realised efficiently.

In combination with the ASP/BPO solutions of Avaloq Sourcing (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) AG, previously B-Source, this results in entirely new opportunities for retail banks: quicker processes, better cost structures and increased competitiveness.