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Avaloq is a leader in core banking software and digital technology and a provider of software as a service (SaaS) and business process as a service (BPaaS) solutions for banks and wealth managers. With over 150 clients, we aim to deliver intensive courses for Avaloq Banking Suite users.

To spur future innovation, we work with clients, fintechs and developers from the Avaloq Community in a uniquely open and collaborative way. Avaloq Academy aims to provide a full end-to-end digital solution through on-site and online courses to help professionals stay ahead of change in a globally competitive environment.

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At Avaloq Academy, we’re helping financial services professionals and technology specialists across our community to work as efficiently and effectively as possible – while using our solutions.

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2019 Q4: Academy Newsletter

18 Dezember 2019

Read about Avaloq Academy's new certification pillars and check out brand new courses.


2020 Q1: Academy Newsletter

20 Februar 2020

Discover the Avaloq Certified Implementation Professional (ACIP) programme.


2020 Q2: Academy Newsletter

25 Juni 2020

Learn more about new and upcoming courses, like the ACPR intro and Technical operation course.


2020 Q3: Academy Newsletter

28 September 2020

This quarter highlights the Customization track including the new Accreditation courses available.


ABR/S bank-specific customization & contributions course

26 April 2021

Join us to learn the basics of ABR/S, how code layers interact, and how to create bank-specific features and code contributions with ABR/S bank-specific customization & contributions course.


Accreditation Programmes

16 Februar 2020

Learn how to get accredited through Avaloq Academy's accreditation services.


April 2021 Academy bits & bytes

14 April 2021

Find out more about Avaloq Academy's bestsellers and newly launched and updated courses from Q1!


August 2021 Academy bits & bytes

12 August 2021

New course in the works – Avaloq Wealth overview. Get an overview of the Avaloq Wealth product line with a focus on discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory.


Avaloq Container Platform Reference (ACPR)

01 März 2021

Register to the Avaloq Container Platform Reference (ACPR) Delta 2020 H1 course.


Avaloq Technical Operations

05 Februar 2020

Learn more about the introduction of best practices and tools of the Avaloq Core Platform.


December 2021 Academy bits & bytes

28 Dezember 2021

2021 flew by so quickly but looking back, we made the most of it! This newsletter highlights some facts and figures to wrap the year up. Thank you for sharing this year with us!


February 2021 Academy Bits & Bytes

23 Februar 2021

Avaloq Container Platform Reference (ACPR) will be the main topic of Delta2020H1. Read this month's Academy bits & bytes to find out more!


January 2021 Academy Bits & Bytes

23 Februar 2021

Start the year with Avaloq Academy. Learn more about 2020 in retrospect and what's upcoming this new year.


July 2021 Academy bits & bytes

14 Juli 2021

Coming soon - a new, one-day accreditation course covering containerized adapters in ACPR.


June 2021 Academy bits & bytes

09 Juni 2021

Learn more about the main topics of the Avaloq Community APIs that will be featured on the upcoming Delta 2020 H2.


Learning at home: COVID-19 video

25 März 2020

Stay connected and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.


March 2021 Academy bits & bytes

10 März 2021

Learn more about Avaloq Academy’s ABR/S courses on this month’s Academy bits and bytes.


May 2021 Academy bits & bytes

12 Mai 2021

Our goal is to provide the most relevant topics right at your fingertips! Watch out for Avaloq Academy’s two new elective courses going live this month.


November 2021 Academy bits & bytes

12 November 2021

RM Cockpit intro course in the works. The RM Cockpit is a client-meeting planner, preparation tool and assistant for RMs on the go. To highlight its features and functionality, we are working on an intro course and will be available in our catalogue very soon.


October 2021 Academy bits & bytes

22 Oktober 2021

Online exam for ACCP now possible! The next ACCP cohort will be able to book online exams using Pearson OnVUE. Anyone who has completed the ACCP and is eligible for the exam will be informed accordingly. Read more about this month's Academy bits and bytes.


Online Live Training (OLT)

20 Oktober 2019

Discover Avaloq Academy's online live training services.


September 2021 Academy bits & bytes

09 September 2021

It’s time to learn and apply the underlying concepts of the Avaloq Community APIs (CAPI). We’ve prepared theory videos, demos, quizzes and hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning.


Web Banking App Development course

25 Juni 2021

Learn how to build and customize your own web banking application.

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