Future-proof your business with a fast, flexible and scalable core platform

Save time and costs with a system designed for fintech integration and the new era of open banking. By consolidating your wealth management business, retail banking and other offerings within a single secure place, you boost efficiency and free your staff to focus on clients and high-value tasks. More than 150+ financial organizations worldwide managing a total of CHF 4.5tn in global assets rely on it for their day-to-day operations.

Process and execute core banking operations
swiftly and reliably

Versatile: A single platform lets you serve the needs of multiple types of clients, including high net worth, corporate and retail

Automated: Key operations like accounts & payments, securities trading, lending and credit facilities, etc., are handled efficiently; manual processing and other labour-intensive tasks are eliminated in almost all back-office work

Integrated: Orders for processing everything from credit card payments to commodities purchases follow well-defined, customizable workflows

Centralized: International institutions with multiple business units and locations can perform operations such as trading and counterparty management centrally

Transparent: Real-time accounting and high-quality client reporting give authorized users full visibility

Reliable: A unified data model guarantees data integrity and consistency, with high automation and STP rates

Secure: Configurable models and hardware-enforced security policies ensure cyber resilience

Simplify complex operations with
Avaloq Core

A flexible, modular platform

Combine multiple, expandable capabilities in one integrated package. Choose from more than 70 core banking software modules. They range from digital relationship-management solutions to economical middle- and back-office additions that keep your business regulatory compliant.

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Account Management


Bank Management

Card Processing

Cheque Processing

Clearing & SWIFT Networks

Client & Counterparty Data

Client Communication Management

Client Onboarding for the Bank

Client Relationship Management


Corporate Actions

Cost & Fees

Credit Management

Crypto Assets

Data Science

Data Separation


Enterprise Risk Management

FX & Money Market

Fund Administration

Fund Management

Global & Ex Custody

Instrument Modelling

Loans, Corporate & Trade Finance

Market Data & Research


Payment Processing

Physical Client Interactions

Regulatory Reporting

Self-service Machines

Settlement & Reconciliation


Trade Reporting



User-friendly technology.
Made to be used.

Your staff will appreciate how easy our Core banking software is to use. And with web and mobile banking features added to it, so will your clients. People – not functions – drive Avaloq design. Financial institutions and wealth managers worldwide, including their staff and clients, assist us in shaping our human-centric approach.

Give middle-office staff more control

Putting accurate, up-to-date information in the hands of your legal, risk and compliance professionals is key to managing the ever-changing regulatory environment. Ensure your support experts can assess risk, monitor transactions and analyse patterns to steer you clear of unwanted complications.

Speed up your back-office operations

A global data model across all functions, in Core and complementary platforms, enables all components to share the same unique data source. Your back office is assured of full data integrity. Processing is also optimized and risk reduced thanks to a single data governance model that eliminates inconsistencies.

Add or develop even more capabilities

Join the cryptocurrency revolution

Enable clients to invest in and trade crypto assets like traditional asset classes via major brokers and exchanges. Our crypto offering consolidates them in one place for straightforward viewing. When combined with our banking suite, it places crypto assets within investment proposals and includes them in portfolio views.

Invite third parties to the party

Open architecture and robust APIs ensure you can integrate third-party solutions into your core offering. You’ll find more than 135 pre-integrated fintech solutions available in the Avaloq.one Ecosystem. Give clients the investment options they demand.

When one size doesn’t fit all

Our core platform is built with the right degree of standardization to ensure rapid implementation. It can also be easily customized for clients with special requirements like modelling compound bank products and managing complex cost and fee structures.

Check in with our clients running on Avaloq Core

What do financial organizations like LGT, DBS and Maybank have in common? They all benefit from optimized efficiency – supported by our core banking software.

“This new core banking system allows us to provide our employees with a new platform. With this, Raiffeisen Switzerland is laying the foundation for the agile implementation of future digital projects. We would like to thank everyone at Avaloq and ARIZON who has been involved in the project for their constructive and professional work.”

Rolf Olmesdahl

COO and Member of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland

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Whether you implement Avaloq Core platform via a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or On-premises delivery model, your business will benefit.

By focusing on what you do best, serving clients, and letting us handle your daily operations and applications, you lower costs and risks. Instead of devoting resources to IT, you can venture into markets and areas previously off limits because of high barriers to entry. And broaden client access to products you have little experience with, confident in being supported by superior expertise.

By leaving the nuts and bolts of tech operations, from transactions processing to fintech onboarding, to us, you improve your efficiency and scalability. Our data centre securely hosts the infrastructure required for your daily operations. You handle the data generated by them but are freed from running and maintaining the applications. This saves on costs and headaches both.

By running our Core system on your own infrastructure, you exercise full control and flexibility over your financial software, and enable the greatest degree of customization. If you have clients who demand that their products and services be delivered in a specific way and at a specific time, or you need specialized functionalities that you can develop in-house, then on-premises software may be the right choice for you.