Reach clients where they live: online

Be online where – and when – your clients are. Today they demand access to advice and services anytime, anyplace, at home, on the go, from laptops and mobile devices. Advisors also need to be readily available and able to communicate with them on their preferred channels. By answering these needs and more, Avaloq Engage not only provides clients with classic online and mobile convenience: it brings conversational banking to life.

Attract and retain clients by offering digital ease and ongoing dialogue

Client focused: Web and mobile banking features can be selected separately or bundled to support clients 24/7; add the Engage app to prioritize personal interactions with them

Convenient: Clients choose from a range of self-service options in both feature-rich web and on-the-go mobile banking; they can make payments, trade stocks, etc. at their convenience

Complementary: Smartphone and tablet offerings with native iOS and Android applications supplement web-based software with browser applications

Pioneering: A native Engage mobile app opens up social media to your advisors for safe, encrypted, regulatory-compliant chats; logs of client interaction are secured and conversations stored

Scalable: Communication with clients no longer depends on time-consuming planning and in-person meetings; advisors can spend more time interacting with more clients

Intelligent: Routine financial matters (e.g. placing trades) are often handled by clients themselves; advisors add value via ideas derived from user preferences and AI-based data

Liberating: Clients choose how and when to interact with you based on their needs; they can switch seamlessly between self-directed and assisted services

Conversational banking comes alive with Avaloq Engage

Adapt to shifting client expectations

Many clients desire a more frequent, less formal banking experience, both web-based and mobile, for key facets of wealth management. You need the right software to ensure they receive the advice, products and services they want in their daily lives.

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New financial avenues await

Clients feel at home – even on the go

Web and mobile banking services make finding information and performing transactions easy and convenient. Clients can monitor their credit card balance and add to retirement funds from laptops or smartphones, even trade stocks. Interacting with their advisor through a native app optimized for mobile devices provides them the personalized experience they expect.

Turn favourite social messaging channels financial

Advisors can initiate contact or respond on client-preferred apps. The native Engage app, available in such popular messaging services as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line, triggers meaningful conversations in real time, through chat, notification, etc. Advisors stay relevant in a fast-paced market.

Lower the cost of services

Increasing the use of digital channels can boost margins. The rich range of self-service options and the personal account and portfolio information available 24/7 free advisors from time-consuming routine work so they can devote themselves to high-value tasks.

Redefine how you interact with clients

Building the ties that bind

Advisors can respond quickly to market moves and client requests through the chat feature. With secure client data, news feeds and AI-based insights at hand, they can propose suitable actions and offer service on the go. The Engage app also spares them tedious administrative work like preparing trade proposals or delivering account statements upon client request.

Clients can view their investments anytime, anywhere

Self-directed individuals who prefer to handle their investments themselves can rely on your services wherever they are, around the clock. Avaloq web and mobile banking offers them a comprehensive view of their holdings and continuous online self-service. They can also easily access advice and other, more personalized services.

Check in with our clients running on Avaloq Engage

What do financial organizations like Barclays, Banque Cramer and Luzerner Kantonalbank have in common? They all benefit from optimized efficiency – supported by Avaloq Engage.

"The online banking solution from Avaloq means customer-centricity at its best."

Simon Leumann

COO, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

"By switching our web banking solution to Avaloq, we provide our customers with a state-of-the-art online banking experience."

Marcel Hurschler

CFO, Luzerner Kantonalbank

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Whether you implement Avaloq Engage via a Software as a Service (SaaS) or On-premises (on-prem) delivery model, your business will benefit.

By leaving the nuts and bolts of the Engage product line to us, you improve your efficiency and scalability. Our data centre securely hosts the infrastructure required for the web and mobile banking operations. You handle the data generated by them but are freed from running and maintaining the applications. This saves on costs and headaches both.

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By running Avaloq Engage on your own infrastructure, you exercise full control and flexibility over your financial software and enable the greatest degree of customization. If you have clients who demand that their products and services be delivered in a specific way, or you need specialized functionalities that you can develop in-house, then on-premises software may be the right choice for you.

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