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The financial sector has entered a new era. Today, clients require a seamless, multi-channel experience anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, advisors need to be readily available and able to connect with their clients on their preferred channels. That’s where Avaloq Engage comes in.

Accessibility of up-to-date online information is a must

Clients enjoy the convenience of smart phone offerings and applications that make information and services easier and more accessible. Especially during recent times, the substantial increase in digital engagement highlights the fact that the shift in client behaviour is moving even faster towards a digital end-to-end journey.

Shifting clients’ expectations

The Avaloq Engage product line provides you with the right toolset to guarantee seamless integration of products and services into clients' daily lives.

Mobile app for your advisors

Empower your relationship managers with the new Engage app to build strong ties with clients. Give them the tools they need to offer scalable, digital, and personalized advice.

  • On-the-go client service
  • Secure space for chat
  • Compliant client interaction
  • AI-powered advice

Feature-rich web banking

Enable digital capabilities for managing clients' wealth and executing financial transactions in a self-service mode.

  • Rich range of functionalities
  • Out-of-the-box customer journeys
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • 24/7 self-service

Mobile banking anytime, anywhere

Deliver quick and secure mobile app solutions for handling daily banking operations anytime, anywhere, using smartphone or tablet.

  • Mobile-specific functionalities
  • Omni-channel experience
  • iOS & Android native apps
  • Seamless security

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Reach your clients on their favorite channel

In our fast-paced world, it’s hard for financial advisors to stay relevant and top-of-mind with their clients. 

The Avaloq Engage mobile app enables advisors to break through all the noise and meet their clients wherever they are. Available in the most popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line, the Avaloq Engage app lets advisors engage in meaningful conversations with clients in real time, through chat, notification and video calls – helping them stay relevant in a fast-paced market. 

Reduce the cost of services

Margins are slim in many financial institutions, creating pressure to reduce the cost of services. Making digital channels more efficient can help with this.

Avaloq web and mobile banking offers a comprehensive range of self-service functionalities, information about financial products and documents which are accessible 24/7.

Redefine digital interactions with a design-driven approach

Avaloq Engage offers out-of-the-box customer journeys leveraging design-driven development and a mobile-first approach. We’re adopting Google’s Material Design (usability patterns that are well-known to all users) as the foundation for all of our user experiences.

Our vision is to redefine the way digital interactions take place between financial institutions and their clients.

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Build strong client engagement through conversational banking

Avaloq Engage puts everything you need to connect, advise and serve your clients at your fingertips - so you can offer a responsive, personalized banking experience.

Seamless conversations

Accessibility is key to building relationships. Your clients will gain trust and confidence if you prove they can reach you when they need you. Avaloq Engage ensures you’re always there.

  • On-the-go client service
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Increased responsiveness

Get information anytime

Avaloq Engage centralizes the information you need to manage your clients in real time – including client, company and personal information.

  • Curated and client-targeted information
  • Quick sharing of information between client and advisor
  • Personalized content including to-do lists and more
  • Financial information such as transaction overview or portfolio performance

A secure space for chat

Chat is today’s preferred communication tool. Now advisors don’t need to rely on external messaging platforms to chat with clients, they can use a secure and compliant space. Avaloq Engage offers:

  • Chat in a controlled forum
  • Compliant client interaction
  • Secure logging and storage of conversations

Smarter client interaction

Turn chat conversations into a source of data to map client preferences through semantic analysis. 

  • Get recommendations on news, leads and products 
  • Take smart actions based on automated proposals 
  • Receive automatic identified client intents, such as statement orders

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