Enter a marketplace of innovation

Enhance and extend your banking and wealth management capabilities with practical, pioneering solutions. Open banking infrastructure forms the foundation of the Avaloq.one ecosystem, our third-party product and service platform. Through it you connect with fintech innovators and other external providers to offer fully integrated services and applications.

Gain speed, scale and impact – and the opportunity for new revenue streams

Wide-ranging: Satisfy clients by offering real-time fintech applications for everything from interpreting the flood of financial news to digitally managing retirement savings; select from 140+ options

Timesaving: Reduce how long it takes to onboard fintechs; time-consuming scouting, contracting and compliance-vetting are eliminated

Easily integrated: Ready-to-use sandboxes and APIs with an Avaloq model bank hosted in the cloud simplify fintech integration; REST APIs smooth the process of linking them to the Avaloq Banking Suite

Curated: All fintech services are pre-selected and validated. We orchestrate solutions for holistic use cases in Avaloq context

Far-reaching: Fintechs from hubs in Switzerland, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Copenhagen, Canada, US, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia connect to work together and with financial institutions

Embrace the fintech future present with Avaloq.one

Welcome to a marketplace of digital possibility

Choose from among 140+ fintechs (and growing) to enrich and differentiate your wealth management and banking offering. Discover innovative, Avaloq-approved third-party solutions like Delio’s private markets offering that gives clients access to M&A and IPO deal flow, as well as early venture capital investments, or those that address specialized requirements like fighting money laundering. As the leading integration partner for financial firms, we make it quick and easy for you to introduce popular new services and functions.

Explore the marketplace

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

You can either adapt to disruptive technologies or risk falling victim to them. Respond to the threat of digital challenger banks by taking a page out of their playbook. The new era of open banking and the Avaloq.one ecosystem enable you to offer high-tech services that meet the expectations of even your most demanding clients.

Import expertise

Turn such new technologies as tokenized assets and blockchain to your advantage by adding them to your roster of digital capabilities. You might not have expertise in, say, voice recognition or chatbots, but established fintechs do; they can now be easily and speedily integrated into your banking or wealth management platform.

Barriers to integration removed

Building one-to-one integration between financial firms and a desired fintech normally takes time and cannot be done to scale. 7,500 industry-standard REST APIs ensure that the fintechs and your infrastructure mate quickly and get on well together.

Work profitably in a tech playground

Use of our cloud sandbox for integration testing by your tech specialists gains you access to the complete Avaloq Banking Suite, configured as a model bank complete with synthetic data. Also, a convenient portal enables your developers to access tools and materials from other banks and wealth managers, as well as fintechs. Developing complementary solutions is simplified.

"We have been successfully testing products and services with the Data Synthesizer through the Avaloq.one sandbox. This solution has enabled LUKB to run tests very quickly and efficiently. Importantly, using synthesized data has allowed us and our partner companies – all working remotely – to test in a much more realistic way, resulting in better, more practical and actionable outputs."

Stefan Lüthy

Head Digitalization and Multichannel Management at Luzerner Kantonalbank

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