Equip your wealth team to achieve clients’ financial – and your business – goals

Your professionals command the smart, digital tools they need to offer premium wealth management. Avaloq Wealth automates a full, client-focused investment process to strengthen and streamline your advisory and discretionary business. A unified platform combines four applications tailored to your specialists. Investment analysts, portfolio managers, advisors and relationship managers collaborate via appealing interfaces that produce coherent strategies, personalized portfolios and timely advice for clients along a seamless investment journey. A unified data model ensures that data stays consistent, actions taken transparent and operational risk in check.

Grow your business by making it personal(ized)

Sophisticated: Your wealth management staff engage in client profiling, investment advisory, portfolio construction and monitoring, and more in individually serving clients

Productive: Lower-cost, advisor-led service is aided by automation and proactive alerting; designed not as a single application but as a comprehensive technical platform featuring a unified data model

Compatible: As an open, cloud-ready, standalone system, Avaloq Wealth operates on your core banking system via standard interfaces; it also integrates effortlessly into the Avaloq Core platform

Comprehensive: You can serve a full range of clients, from those who prefer discretionary mandates to self-directed investors; you cover the full range of asset classes, from listed securities to OTC assets

Interactive: Easy-to-grasp visualizations help advisors and relationship managers present clients with an overview of their invested wealth – their asset performance, exposures and risks; intuitive interfaces and simulated examples make the investment process concrete and comprehensible

Impactful: Client insight and market analytics tools offer advisors and investment managers intelligent ideas, actionable strategies and relevant advice that delivers return on investment

Relevant: Data streams in real time to show portfolio performance, alert about risk, and highlight trends

Democratic: You extend wealth management to underserved clients by making personalized investment advice and portfolio management scalable

Deepen client relationships with Avaloq Wealth

Wealth management is a long-term commitment. Intelligent automation can help advisors and relationship managers guide clients toward their investment goals and aid portfolio managers with portfolio building and managing discretionary mandates. Such personalized service adds depth and continuity to client relationships.

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Make premium wealth management more accessible

Extend your financial services to a larger audience at a lower cost. Avaloq Wealth broadens bespoke services and can increase adoption of previously arcane investments like private equity and structured products, as well as emerging ones like crypto assets and sustainable investing. By reducing tedious administrative tasks and time-consuming analysis, it also makes your investment professionals more productive, thereby improving your profitability.

Clients learn to trust the process

Present clients with a clear, concrete, comprehensive plan for achieving their financial goals. Give them a snapshot of their total wealth situation that details their assets, liabilities, budgets. Assess their appetite for risk and preferences and build investment mandates or proposals directly influenced by them.

Every picture tells a story

Easy navigation and simulations with integrated external market data help clients envision their investment options. Present them with portfolio proposals. Illustrate different wealth scenarios by changing variables, including expected return and various risk measures. Macro- and microeconomic research can easily be added to convert ‘investment stories’ into strategies and portfolio-relevant ideas.

Relationships create long-term loyalty

By spending quality time with clients and offering thoughtful investment advice, advisors earn their confidence. Catering for individual needs leads to coherent investment plans that help to involve clients and strengthen your relationship with them, offering real potential to expand your advisory and discretionary business.

Built for the needs of clients and wealth managers alike

Give clients the best of both worlds

Clients can be involved as much or as little with their investments as they choose. They can opt for a mandate that leaves portfolio construction and rebalancing to your experts. Self-directed investors can access products and services wherever they are, 24/7. Avaloq Wealth offers them a comprehensive view of their portfolio, continuous online self-service, performance monitoring, and personal recommendations and portfolio modelling.

Investment specialists have key information at their fingertips

Investment themes and suitability factors combine with real-time analytics to aid portfolio specialists in their daily routines and monitoring. Relationship managers can call upon information in the Relationship Manager Cockpit to vastly reduce preparation time for client meetings. A tablet-optimized application, it arranges important to-dos, keeps track of appointments and can also assist in meetings, even on the go, with wealth overviews and performance updates.

Don't just take our word for it – hear it from the experts

"Avaloq Wealth is a premier product in the marketplace servicing the front-middle office. It is a wide-ranging and robust offering that enables a scalable delivery of investment advice. One of the core differentiators of Avaloq’s investment and relationship management solution is complete coverage of the holistic investment process, enabling a 360-degree client view on a single platform. This view is combined with data analytics and client–advisor engagement tools, which offer a fully integrated and seamless user experience."

Ashley Longabaugh

Senior Analyst, Celent
Front-to-middle office platforms: EMEA wealth management edition 2020

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Whether you implement Avaloq Wealth via a Software as a Service (SaaS) or On-premises delivery model, your business will benefit.

By leaving the nuts and bolts of your wealth management operations to us, you become more efficient. Our data centre securely hosts the infrastructure required to access the investment tools your advisors and portfolio specialists use. You handle the data generated by them but are freed from running and maintaining the applications. This saves on costs and headaches both.

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By running our Wealth platform on your own infrastructure, you exercise full control and flexibility over your financial software and enable the greatest degree of customization. If you have clients who demand that their products and services be delivered in a specific way, or you need specialized functionalities that you can develop in-house, then on-premises software may be the right choice for you.

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