Reduce costs and concerns through automated efficiency

By letting us handle your back-office operations, you can dedicate your valuable resources to where they’re needed most. BPaaS leverages cloud computing for service and business process automation, delivering close to 100% in straight-through-processing (STP) rates. Building on the high degree of automation natively implemented in Avaloq Core with additional robotics process automation, BPaaS takes efficiency to the next level. Focus on attracting new clients and impressing current ones with superior services. Your energies go to expanding into new markets, offering the latest solutions and scaling your business, aided by our expertise in financial products and our regional know-how.

Leverage state-of-the-art technologies, enhanced with our banking expertise

Cost effective: Cost-income ratios for some of our BPaaS clients have improved by 15% and more; our pay-per-use model means you never pay for more than what you need

Dependable: Your operations run on software we developed and use ourselves; the streamlined processes result in earlier implementation of new tech for you

Optimized: The AI and robotics developed by our R&D team achieve even greater straight-through-processing levels where data is unstructured and complex; they continually automate new processes, so savings today can lead to even better margins tomorrow

Standardized, centralized, globalized: Common financial processes follow industry standards, expertise is pooled and directed where needed, and global best practices flourish

Secure: Your highly sensitive data environment receives ironclad protection; top security experts probe and test our defences to sniff out and prevent potential vulnerabilities

Control: If you encounter an issue, the Avaloq control room identifies it immediately through near real-time monitoring; our controls are integrated with industry-leading third-party control software

Bridging the processing gap with robotics

Robotic process automation spans the processing gap between disparate applications or for repetitive manual tasks. This capacity is especially critical where speed or tactical solutions are a must.

Receive the right expertise at the right time

A follow-the-sun model distributes expertise when and where it’s needed. Multiple client service centres located strategically around the world guarantee local expertise and market knowledge, as well as continuity of operations no matter where or when a potentially disruptive event takes place.

The BPaaS delivery system is rich in features

Exchange-traded products & OTC processing

All exchange-traded and exotic products are processed and settled, as well as incoming and outgoing securities transfers. These products include, for example:

  • Shares, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and notes (ETNs)
  • Credit default swaps
  • Forward rate agreements

Asset and counterparty master data management

Master data for assets such as bonds, precious metals and more is managed. Data for prices is automatically updated. The services cover:

  • Securities master data and price feeds
  • Monitoring and validation
  • Bank static data

Corporate actions and income processing

Full coverage of corporate action events is provided by custodians. Quality is assured by combining multiple data sources processed by Avaloq’s ‘super dispatcher’ for enriched event data. The services include:

  • Mandatory or voluntary corporate actions
  • Capital increases
  • General Meetings management

Funds processing

Processing of traditional and non-traditional fund services, whether mutual or hedge fund, is managed for such services as:

  • Mutual funds sales and execution
  • Communication with brokers, custodians and clients
  • Mutual and hedge funds order reversal

Tax services

A host of tax reporting, monitoring and reclaim processes are automated, and we even cover tax statements for key financial markets, onshore and offshore. The services include:

  • Operational tax compliance monitoring
  • Tax reclaim and US QI reporting enhancements
  • Generic or country-specific tax statements

Service desk

A single point of contact for the bank’s middle office handles service inquiries and provides, among other things:

  • End-to-end service
  • On-site support
  • Ad hoc enquiry support
First-hand knowledge of back-offices

clients running on Avaloq BPaaS


end-to-end banking processes managed


USD billion assets managed

Hear it from our BPaaS clients

What do Quirin, BBVA and Banque Cramer have in common? They all benefit from Avaloq running their highly automated back-office operations.

Industry analysts agree

"Avaloq has successful BPaaS installations in local and global banks in Europe and Asia. This offering has grown in credibility after a few years in the market and is a differentiating factor for this vendor."

Vittorio D'Orazio

Senior Analyst at Gartner

"Avaloq’s platform-based SaaS and BPaaS deliver a high degree of STP and automation. Avaloq helps wealth managers and private banks modernise their business model to remain viable in the financial services industry."

Andy Efstathiou

Research Director for Banking Sourcing Services at NelsonHall

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