Support for every dimension of your business

At Avaloq, we want to support you in every area of your business, from developing banking platforms to boosting innovation through our Ecosystem community, as well as gaining access to specialized knowledge at our events and webinars or in our training programs.

Empowering developers to build the best platforms

Our platform comprises three layers that allow developers to build better systems while taking advantage of our global network of experts.

We enable developers to access the best tools and documentation, providing the support and functionalities they need to build world-class banking platforms.

Supporting fintechs

The Ecosystem enables fintechs to connect with our network of 150+ global banks and wealth managers and seek out partnership opportunities.

Through the Ecosystem, fintechs and developers can co-create products in sandboxes using open APIs linked to the Avaloq Banking Suite. Once market-ready, they can publish them in the Ecosystem marketplace and promote capabilities and functionalities to our extensive community.

Become an Avaloq expert with the Avaloq Academy

Professionals working across your financial institution can become experts in working with Avaloq solutions and services.

With Avaloq Academy, your employees will learn all they can about our work through courses and certifications that reflect our expanding offerings, as well as our involvement in fintech functionality and integration. Helping them become Avaloq-certified professionals specialized in our software, API adoption and much more.

Events and webinars

Join any of our Avaloq Community Conferences, webinars or other key events to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in fintech and the financial world, and gain knowledge, insights and ideas from across the industry.

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