Capitalize on the power of your data

Let advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and data science unlock value for you. A mountain of financial data is generated by the daily trades and transactions your business executes. Large or small, your firm can now analyze it to match investment products to client preferences and uncover ways to get the most out of new technologies. Avaloq Insight harnesses the potential hidden in the ‘exhaust’ produced by the unending operations you run and applies it specifically to wealth management and banking.

Extract actionable ideas and turn AI into ROI

Predictive: Data analysis reveals client preferences; it helps your advisors suggest smart, individualized investment ideas that raise acceptance rates and revenue

Pre-trained: Machine learning and AI models leverage the combined expertise of the global Avaloq community experience; they enable your advisors to make more accurate product recommendations

Effective: When your clients feel understood and personally catered for, their satisfaction increases and attrition rates can fall

Collaborative: Your specialists can work on the same data foundation simultaneously; they become more productive by focusing on extracting information instead of sourcing and prepping data

Forward-looking: Discover where growth opportunities lie and risks lurk; data can be pulled together from multiple sources; a task that was once complex and expensive is now routine

Responsive: Cloud elasticity and real-time streaming make data available lightning quick

Data diverse: Structured business data; machine-readable, semi-structured data; unstructured data such as news and emails – you have the tools to deal with all of it

Modular: You select and pay for only the software you need

Road tested: The solutions you choose function in the real world – not just the lab

Analyze and (machine) learn with Avaloq Insight

Insights delivered to non-technical users

Avaloq Insight democratizes data consumption and analytics. Its low-code and no-code solutions make the right information accessible to the people who need it. It mates natively with Avaloq Core so that machine learning models can be trained using all the data generated by your daily operations. Its embedded workflows are also integrated to Avaloq’s Relationship Manager Suite and the Wealth and Engage platforms.

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Mine data to discover gems of targetable investor behaviour – all while reducing complexity

Finish data-driven projects faster

Break down data silos by creating a unified data foundation. Avaloq Insight Explorer, a standalone analytics product built on an open platform, merges data input from various sources. Its comprehensive tooling layer makes integrated analytics accessible even to non-technical people.

Raise acceptance rates despite devoting less time to preparing proposals

Calibrated machine learning uncovers client preferences. Avaloq Insight Portfolio Recommender converts these findings into personalized, AI-powered investment suggestions. Along with Avaloq Insight Virtual Assistant, a natural language processing engine, it reduces the time advisors spend on preparing investment proposals and interacting with clients. In the process it transforms more proposals into revenue and lowers attrition rates.

Identify prospects more easily

Avaloq Insight Prospecting uses advanced network analytics that combine people datasets from multiple external sources. It sifts out likely wealth management candidates and helps advisors discover new opportunities in their client network.

Don't just take our word for it – hear it from the experts

"The usage of AI/NLP, which is provided by the Avaloq Insight platform offers an added bonus for advisors and clients in terms of product recommendations and advisor efficiency. The news function is notable - it can provide both public news or product-specific insights and sync clients’ interests to any product recommendations."

Ashley Longabaugh

Senior Analyst, Celent
Front-to-middle office platforms: EMEA wealth management edition 2020

Turn a wealth of information into a wealth of action

Firm up the foundations of loyalty

Clients feel well-served when offered wealth management solutions suited to their circumstances and inclinations. They are likelier to agree to ideas that align concretely with their interests and be willing to pay for active management obviously aimed at achieving their financial goals.

A windfall of targeted information for the front office

Advisors and portfolio managers receive key ideas via analytical models designed for them. Portfolio recommendations come from data patterns that calculate likely client affinity for an investment; new mandate potential is identified. The Avaloq Insight Prospecting module combines people datasets from external sources and uses advanced network analytics to spot client candidates.

Experts dive deep into the ‘data lake’

Your data scientists, business analysts, developers and specialists in everything from compliance to payments will find relevant models, advanced analytical tools and a data lake where the ‘heavy-lifting’ of data ingestion, propagation and provisioning is already taken care of. Forward-looking oversight and risk analysis become easier and more accurate.

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Whether you implement Avaloq Insight platform via a Software as a Service (SaaS) or On-premises delivery model, your business will benefit.

By leaving the nuts and bolts of Insight’s data science operations to us, you become more efficient. Our data centre securely hosts the infrastructure required for the AI and machine learning to extract information from your daily operations. You act on the ideas generated by them but are freed from running and maintaining the applications. This saves on costs and headaches both.

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By running our Insight system on your own infrastructure, you exercise full control and flexibility over your financial software and enable the greatest degree of customization. If you have clients who demand that their products and services be delivered in a specific way, or you need specialized functionalities that you can develop in-house, then on-premises software may be the right choice for you.

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