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Advanced analytics, AI and data science are changing every aspect of the financial sector. There is significant client value to be extracted – and endless efficiencies to uncover – by harnessing the power of data. The Avaloq Insight platform delivers data science developed specifically for banking and wealth management, and you and your clients benefit from day one. 

Are you ready to accelerate your business with Data Science

Your clients demand smarter, personalized products. Your business needs to drive efficiency. You also need a comprehensive view of risk and growth areas. All of this requires data from across your systems. But pulling it all together and extracting insights has been a complex and expensive task. Until now. 

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The right insight delivered to your desktop

The Avaloq Insight platform is designed to deliver human-driven analysis and insights in four distinct areas.

Easy access

It’s fast and easy for anyone who wants to access insights.

  • No-code/low-code tool
  • Easily shareable interactive dashboards
  • Mobile enabled dashboards

Customized to your needs

Customize the Avaloq Insight platform to suit your needs.

  • Persona-focused layouts
  • KPI and Key Risk Indicator setting

Extreme efficiency

Minimize data security risk while boosting operational efficiency with insights.

  • A lean big data and analytics platform
  • Next-best-action recommendations
  • Distributed deep learning leverages model outputs from other banks and wealth managers

Full, fast integration

Fast integration into your existing set-up that breaks down data siloes.

  • Takes full advantage of available information
  • Built on microservice infrastructure for easy data source integration
  • Flexible extendable data model

Extract insights faster, reduce the complexity of data science

The Avaloq Insight platform helps you to complete data-driven projects faster, by breaking down data silos and creating a unified data foundation, Avaloq Insight Explorer, end-to-end. Building on the foundation, Avaloq Insight provides a range of pre-trained machine learning and AI models, developed to help relationship managers increase their efficiency and enhance their clients’ satisfaction.

Generate insights faster with
Avaloq Insight Explorer

Avaloq Insight Explorer is our stand-alone data analytics product that leverages the latest in big data technology. It is built on a fully open platform that minimizes complexity by integrating data input from various sources and a comprehensive tooling layer that makes integrated analytics accessible even for non-technical people.

Spend less time preparing proposals, increase acceptance rates

Avaloq Insight Recommender suggests smart investment ideas for each advisory client and increases the proposal acceptance rate. Client preferences are captured through carefully tuned machine learning. Its models are not only pre-trained on the depth and breadth of Avaloq’s data, but also offer recommendations tailored to the individual client.

Reduce time to identify prospects by leveraging advanced network analytics

Avaloq Insight Prospecting helps relationship managers to uncover new opportunities in their client network quickly. By combining people datasets from multiple external sources and making use of advanced network analytics, the tool provides potential client suggestions and saves relationship managers’ time and efforts.

Personalized AI-powered advice

Our natural language processing engine, Avaloq Insight Virtual Assistant, helps to understand the client's needs and offers a tailored answer to the relationship managers, reducing interaction effort. This gives them a distinct competitive edge by letting them offer uniquely personalized products and services.

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Solving key data tasks is a breeze

Avaloq Insight services make it easy for non-technical users to get the insights they need, while making room for technical users to deep-dive into the system.

Collaborative data science

Deliver results faster, as your organization can work on the same data foundation at the same time. This approach increases productivity and agility, and allows your data scientists to focus on insights instead of sourcing and prepping data.

The power of networks

Avaloq Insight lets you use the latest in networking technology that combines internal and external data. This allows your organization to understand client networks and relationships and identify new prospects or compliance risks.

Intuitive data exploration

Power your organization's democratization of data and explore data sets in a low-code or no-code, making data and insights accessible for everyone. All this is fuelled by the latest in Big Data technology and tools.

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