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Premium products and services for banks and wealth managers

Transform your banking business from front to back office with our comprehensive range of cloud banking software and services. Our solutions, from standalone digital products to core banking, help banks and wealth management firms reduce cost to income ratio and enhance client experience. 

10m+ end users  

Our solutions make banking possible for over 10 million high-net-worth and mass-affluent end clients. We develop user-friendly products to engage and delight the most discerning clients.

25% of annual revenue spent on R&D

As the world’s leading provider of wealth management and private banking technology, we understand the value of innovation. Our research-led approach enables us to consistently deliver reliable, efficient and scalable solutions for our clients.

100+ banking processes optimized  

Our unique offering covers software development and maintenance as well as global process outsourcing. We draw on the learnings from our core banking implementation experience to constantly improve our back-office process optimization.

Product lines  

Harness the power of automation and data science. Our solutions boost operational efficiency and make your dealings with clients more personalized and profitable.

Digital sales combined with seamless conversational banking

Opt for user-friendly, omnichannel banking with in-built digital sales capability. The Engage App enables your relationship managers to connect with clients via popular social messaging apps such as WhatsApp or WeChat. Our intuitive Web and Mobile Banking products deliver more than 100 features that give your retail, corporate or private banking clients access to their finances and help you commercialize your online banking offering.


Answer client requests in seconds, powered by AI

Increase approval rates with digital investment proposals

Display product promotions with 100% visibility

The only solution that covers the full investment journey

Automate a comprehensive investment process with our all-in-one solution. Our Wealth products are designed to serve a full range of clients, from standardized advice for mass-affluent clients to heavily personalized advice for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Your entire front and investment office leverage a unified data model to ensure that all data stays consistent and actions taken are transparent. Enhance your client service with software made for relationship managers which will help you onboard prospects faster and manage the whole client life cycle more easily.


Get approvals for your investment advice 25x faster

30% lower production cost of your discretionary advice

Onboard new clients in a few hours, not days

The leading core banking solution for private banks and wealth managers

Improve efficiency by running your day-to-day banking operations on our core banking system. More than 150 financial institutions use Avaloq Core to serve any type of client around the world. From trading and payments to treasury and risk, combine and scale your banking operations within a single integrated platform. Offer your clients the full range of investment products, including crypto assets. Our customizable approach allows you to rapidly adapt and improve your processes and reduce costs.


Reduce cost to income ratio by up to 15 percentage points

Implement a modern core banking platform in as little as six months

Achieve straight-through processing rates for payments of up to 99%

Introduce popular digital assets into traditional portfolios 

Cross-domain analytics with insightful reporting  

Extract, consolidate, and make use of Avaloq and third-party data across your business from front to back office. Avaloq Insight offers faster extraction and consumption, making data accessible in near real-time to both technical and business users. Our pre-defined data models enable you to build management, financial and compliance reports, giving you an overview of your performance. Artificial intelligence embedded in other Avaloq products helps relationship managers to manage clients’ requests faster and find new prospects.


Save 95% of time spent on data preparation and integration

React instantly to news that affects your clients

Increase client acquisition by up to 20%

Discover a unique wealth technology offering  

Achieve transformation and growth faster with a complete front-to-back wealth technology solution. Access world-leading core banking and powerful investment management technology with out-of-the-box integration to reduce complexity.  

The technical approach underpinning our solutions

Modular adoption

Our products and services are flexible at the point of adoption. This modular approach allows financial service providers to pivot more quickly, improve organizational scalability and reduce cost, time to market and risk.


By combining core banking automation and process optimization, we achieve high levels of automation across our products and services, allowing clients to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Multi-entity standardization

Every product in our offering is designed to deal with multiple currencies, languages, time zones, regulations and accounting standards, as well as handling multiple legal entities within financial service providers.


Simplified integration

Our open architecture enables integration of third-party services and data across all of our products. Internal and external services can be easily integrated thanks to state-of-the-art REST API and SPI technology.

Cloud-native solutions

Our default approach is cloud-native. We offer flexible deployment options for core banking, and our standalone digital products are cloud-native and cloud-agnostic for efficient operation on any private or public cloud.  


Fast, secure and reliable development

All Avaloq products and services are fast, secure and reliable. Development and release processes are backed up by design thinking frameworks, and industry-standard components are based on development tooling, ensuring optimal processing on the stable and scalable core platform.


Simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation

Focus your time, energy and investment on your clients and let Avaloq take care of your infrastructure needs and operations. With Avaloq as the orchestrator, you will have simplified access to a multi-cloud delivery platform, that is compliant, accelerates go-to-market and reduces risk.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure  

Avaloq runs your enterprise databases and applications on a specially-designed cloud platform.

  • Access the benefits of cloud securely, while staying compliant with local regulations
  • Avaloq’s cloud platform is built to perform, scale and be highly reliable
  • Reduce your data centre footprint and improve sustainability

Managed Cloud Services

Access a robust set of technologies, policies, and processes via Avaloq’s deployment platform.

  • Run cloud-native products and services in the cloud of your choice  
  • Benefit from faster time to market with a SaaS delivery model
  • Combine with retained technology on-premises to leverage existing investments

Observability & Management Services

Avaloq provides end-to-end visibility of services delivered on multi-cloud deployments.

  • All necessary building blocks for multi-cloud compliance are covered
  • Shared security and privacy features from leading cloud providers
  • Avaloq manages and simplifies the process as a trusted orchestrator