Make the client experience your competitive edge

Create a differentiating client experience

In today’s ‘always-on’ data-driven world, a seamless client experience is essential. Avaloq focuses on what your clients need to achieve and lets you offer easy access to the services they want, 24/7. 

Take a proactive approach to client service

Consumers expect prompt response from their financial services provider. Advanced analytics and AI capabilities can help banks and wealth managers proactively act on clients’ needs – when it’s needed.

Make the most of data insights

Personalisation is the ultimate goal for wealth managers. Unlocking new insights can reveal new opportunities, while guaranteeing greater transparency.

Free up more time for clients

Smart, user-friendly digital tools can let wealth managers spend more time on value-adding tasks – providing client service and advice – and less on systems and administrative work. 

Know your clients’ needs
before they do

Create stronger connections with clients

Meet demands for convenience and efficiency

Our focus is on helping banks and wealth managers provide highly personalised advice and easily accessible bespoke services. 

With Avaloq solutions, both business users and banking clients can get more done in less time – because they enjoy easy, uncluttered access to the services and functionality they need. We achieve this by ensuring convenience, usability and a great user experience. 

Redefine the experience with new Avaloq platforms

The new generation of financial clients demand convenient, seamless digital interaction with their service providers, banks and wealth managers included. Avaloq’s new platforms enable exactly this. 

The new Avaloq Engage lets relationship managers meet their clients right in their favourite mobile channel. And through Avaloq Wealth, clients are offered real-time intelligent advice on how to grow their assets. 

All Avaloq platforms are designed with attractive user interfaces and intuitive functionalities – making them easy-to-use for advisors and clients alike. 

"The online banking solution from Avaloq means customer-centricity at its best."

Simon Leumann

COO, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

Keeping the pace with digital change
is essential in the new era

Almost 7 in 10 wealth managers say that a virtual platform is essential to enhance the client experience 

Source: Forbes

61% of financial professionals said Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple were perceived as bigger rivals compared to established financial institutions

Source: Avaloq study

67% of executives see personalising service as highly important, 24% see it as important

Source: Forbes 

The preference for using mobile apps today has doubled in 3 years: mobile apps are now the preferred channel for 41% of clients for engaging with wealth management firms 

Source: Ernst & Young

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World-leading financial players use
Avaloq solutions and services

What do global giants like HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Barclays have in common with specialized private banks like Edmond de Rothschild? They all benefit from our solutions and services.

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