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  • Why would investors switch their financial advisor? 

    Take a closer look at investors’ relationship with their relationship manager in our latest research. Explore what investors look for in an advisor, who so-called ‘Loyals’ and ‘Switchers’ are, and how investors really feel about the use of artificial intelligence in the advisory process.

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Bring flexibility to your offerings, whether they be industrialized investment solutions for the mass-affluent or highly personalized advice for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors.

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Whether you operate a traditional branch network or want to boost your online services, empower your relationship managers to use automation and provide clients with a fully digital experience.

Speed up your business launch using our cloud-based solutions, and scale up even faster. We’ll also help you expand your product offerings and enter new geographies while keeping costs down.

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LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

One of LGT’s strategic priorities has been international expansion and business diversification. In this video, Dr. André Lagger, CEO LGT Financial Services, talks about how Avaloq has supported LGT’s growth ambitions since 2009.

UnionBank: Scaling wealth management business efficiently

Watch this video to learn how Avaloq supports UnionBank on their journey to transform their wealth management business and compete both locally and globally in delivering world-class products and services to their clients.

Leading industry analyst honours

By placing our clients first, we’ve landed ourselves the top spot in many industry rankings. Here are just some of the awards and recognitions we’ve earned from juries and leading global technology analysts.








Meet industry trends head on

What are the trends and innovations fuelling the financial industry, and what does this mean for you? Stay ahead of a changing world by accessing our insights, news reports and other learning resources.

  • The state of AI adoption in wealth management

    Gery Zollinger, Head of Data Science and Analytics at Avaloq, an NEC Company, recently shared his views on where artificial intelligence (AI) adoption currently stands in the wealth management sector, how the technology is already being harnessed in the front office and where we can expect to see new use cases emerge.

    22 Mar 2023 Blog
  • Cloud services approach inflection point in wealth management

    With the sudden arrival of global lockdowns three years ago, organizations quickly discovered the risk of location dependence and had to act swiftly to simplify client engagement over the internet. This paved the way for an impressive acceleration in digital transformation. Cloud computing technology has been particularly influential in facilitating this trend, with the switch to the cloud allowing companies to offer location-independent services.

    12 Dec 2022 Blog
  • FCA Consumer Duty: a major win for transparency and client experience

    Earlier this year, the FCA announced plans to implement a new reform, Consumer Duty, with a view to setting higher standards of investor protection and engagement across the industry. This latest set of rules will be gradually integrated over the coming months, with Consumer Duty fully applicable from 31 July 2023.

    30 Nov 2022 Blog
  • SEC fines of over $1.8b signify the need for innovation in banks’ client communications

    Last week, 11 banks, including some of the largest global players, have agreed to pay more than USD 1.8 billion in fines over charges of failures in record-keeping practices and what the US regulator SEC called “pervasive off-channel communications”.

    06 Oct 2022 Blog
  • Business model transformation in asset management

    Traditionally, large asset managers offer their products through a B2B partner network. The industry is now moving towards serving investors directly, without intermediaries, through digital channels. How can financial institutions efficiently expand digital investment advice to new client segments?

    16 Jun 2022 Blog
  • Delivering modern alpha profitably

    In the second article of this series, we took a close look at the unique expectations that affluent people in the GBA (Greater Bay Area) have for their banks and wealth management firms and found that they are a complex mixture of the traditional and the modern. We now turn our attention to how executives targeting this market can manage to meet these demands profitably.

    19 Apr 2022 Blog