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    Partner with a premium cloud banking software and service provider. Increase your efficiency and improve client experience.

  • Aladdin | Avaloq

    This exciting new offering combines Avaloq’s leading core banking, client relationship management and web and mobile banking services with the Aladdin Wealth™ platform’s powerful risk analytics and portfolio management capabilities. 

  • Avaloq Core

    The Avaloq Core Platform is a proven, scalable product that is trusted by over 160 clients worldwide. Its comprehensive capabilities cater to every client segment, with over 70 modules delivered in a modular way. By leveraging pre-built baseline configurations, you could be up and running in as little as six months.

  • Avaloq wealth industry survey

    The view from the front and investment office

    Wealth management professionals are dissatisfied with or indifferent to their technology, according to an online survey conducted by Avaloq in Europe and Asia. Read up on all the findings by downloading Avaloq’s research report now.

Supporting financial institutions in every segment for nearly 
40 years

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Bring flexibility to your offerings, whether they be industrialized investment solutions for the mass-affluent or highly personalized advice for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors.

Take advantage of our specialized knowledge and software to build strong relationships with clients, leveraging automation to manage, protect and grow their assets. 

Whether you operate a traditional branch network or want to boost your online services, empower your relationship managers to use automation and provide clients with a fully digital experience.

Speed up your business launch using our cloud-based solutions, and scale up even faster. We’ll also help you expand your product offerings and enter new geographies while keeping costs down.

Discover a unique wealth technology offering  

Achieve transformation and growth faster with a complete front-to-back wealth technology solution. Access world-leading core banking and powerful investment management technology with out-of-the-box integration to reduce complexity.  

The 160+ clients using our solutions

Financial institutions and wealth managers from across the world consider us a trusted partner. Take a closer look at how we’ve helped our clients get to where they are today.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

One of LGT’s strategic priorities has been international expansion and business diversification. In this video, Dr. André Lagger, CEO LGT Financial Services, talks about how Avaloq has supported LGT’s growth ambitions since 2009.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

UnionBank: Scaling wealth management business efficiently

Watch this video to learn how Avaloq supports UnionBank on their journey to transform their wealth management business and compete both locally and globally in delivering world-class products and services to their clients.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

Leading industry analyst honours

By placing our clients first, we’ve landed ourselves the top spot in many industry rankings. Here are just some of the awards and recognitions we’ve earned from juries and leading global technology analysts.








Meet industry trends head on

What are the trends and innovations fuelling the financial industry, and what does this mean for you? Stay ahead of a changing world by accessing our insights, news reports and other learning resources.

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    08 Apr 2024 Blog
  • The case for crypto services in wealth management

    The wealth management industry has enormous potential to offer crypto investment services to clients. According to Avaloq’s recent research, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether remain a popular choice among investors globally, with an overwhelming majority expressing keen interest in crypto if offered by their traditional financial provider.

    13 Feb 2024 Blog
  • Avaloq wealth industry survey: The view from the front and investment office

    What are the challenges and opportunities facing the wealth management industry today? Based on a survey of 200 industry professionals across six key markets, the Avaloq wealth industry report blends original research findings with insightful perspectives from experts at BlackRock, Accenture, Synpulse, Datos Insights and Avaloq.

    06 Feb 2024 Reports
  • Unlocking success: How BPaaS can transform back-office efficiency in wealth management

    Today, a growing number of banks and wealth managers are striving to bolster operational efficiency. One focal point in their pursuit is the back office. This article explores the significance of banking operations outsourcing within a business process as a service (BPaaS) model and delineates its benefits for financial institutions.

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  • How design thinking can transform user experience in wealth management

    Design thinking is, at its core, a process of empathizing with the user. The methodology has been successfully used in many industries to drive human-centred innovation, resulting in the creation of pioneering products like the first mouse for Apple.

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  • Investors turn to financial advisers as appetite for income and risk increases

    In the competitive world of wealth management, staying attuned to evolving investor sentiment is a prerequisite for success. Amid a sluggish global economy and market uncertainty, investors are increasingly seeking income and demonstrating a willingness to embrace risk. Avaloq recently surveyed 3,000 affluent to ultra-high net worth individuals across six European and Asian markets, shedding light on these shifts and the opportunities they present for wealth managers.

    01 Nov 2023 Blog