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25-year history of success ...

… and 25-year focus on banking.

Foundation, 5 employees, 1 customer, 500 users

1985BZ Bank founded BZ Informatik.
1991Partial management buy-out, management of BZ Informatik takes over 30% of the company's equity capital.
1994-1996Development of the new banking system AdvAntAge, first implementation of the standard software at a Swiss private bank with 5 employees of BZ Informatik.

Launch of the Avaloq Banking System, 250 employees, 20 customers, 15,000 users

1996-2001Launch of the Avaloq Banking System, further development of the standard software, new customers such as Barclays Wealth, building up of partnerships for the software implementation.
2001Employees and management take over 100% of the equity capital, BZ Informatik becomes Avaloq.
2003Avaloq enters the retail banking segment, first implementation of the Avaloq Banking System at a retail bank.
2005Avaloq enters the Asian market, distribution of the Avaloq Banking System from Singapore.

International expansion, extended offering, 1,200 employees, customers in over 20 countries and more than 60,000 users

2006New customers in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and Guernsey. Coutts, LGT and Raiffeisen opt for the Avaloq Banking System.
2007International expansion as the company opens branches in Luxembourg and Singapore.
2008Number of employees reaches 500.                                                  
2009Development of subsidiaries in Frankfurt and Vienna.
2010Opening of subsidiaries in London and Hong Kong. 7 new customers. Avaloq employs people from more than 40 nations.
2011Opening of the subsidiary in Paris and launch of the Avaloq Front Suite. Acquisition of a majority holding in B-Source (leading ASP/BPO provider), number of employees climbs to over 1,200.
2012Agricultural Bank of China opts for the Avaloq Banking System. Foundation of Avaloq Sourcing (Deutschland) AG, which offers professional outsourcing solutions for private and foreign banks.
2013Opening of the subsidiary in Sydney. Deutsche Bank decides to outsource the Wealth Management Operation to the Avaloq group. SwissLife Banque Privée in France decides for Avaloq. In total, Avaloq serves more than 100 customers at the most demanding financial centres around the globe.