Avaloq Insight

Extract value from data and embed analytics throughout your business. 

Pre-trained data models for faster reports

Get reports about your business to make faster and better decisions driven by artificial intelligence. Our data analytics cloud platform consolidates data from various Avaloq and third-party sources and allows you to access insights in the way you need. The pre-trained models consolidate data across all business areas into management or financial reports to help you understand key metrics such as sales efficiency. Leverage automation across other Avaloq products to answer routine client requests, select important news or find new prospects, and make your advisors more efficient.

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Pre-defined models

Start accessing and acting on your business data more quickly. Our pre-defined models are constantly learning and improving thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Regular management reporting

Generate standard and bespoke reports with less manual intervention. Shorten management reporting cycles and improve decision-making based on insights from data.

Multiple sources and integration

Extract and combine format-agnostic data from various sources to facilitate advanced analytics. Integrate insights into your Avaloq and third-party tools with embedded solutions.

Insight products in detail

Gather and use Avaloq or third-party data to generate insights about your business. Improve your front office with data analytics.

Save 95% of time spent on data preparation and integration

Reduce the time required to access insights from multiple data sources. Avaloq Insight Explorer provides out-of-the-box data analytics capabilities for wealth management and private banking. Automatically generate near real-time insights across your whole organization so you can monitor the performance of advisors, client churn risk, or product penetration rates. Our pre-defined models allow you to get started in days and streamline your management, financial and compliance reporting.

Key features

Near real-time data streaming

Multiple data structures and views

Data governance

Metadata management

Sensitive data separation

Visualization templates

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React instantly to news that affects your clients

Connect to multiple financial news providers such as Yahoo Finance or Dow Jones, and only extract the relevant information for your wealth and relationship managers. Avaloq Insight News uses natural language processing to capture information such as company names, people, or subjects from different news sources. Your advisors will receive a personalized overview that keeps them up to date and enables them to instantly act upon news that affects clients’ portfolios. You can integrate Insight News with Avaloq products, such as Client Service, or third-party products.

Key features

Connections to news providers

Relevant content extraction

Personalized news

Entity extraction

Asset tagging

Sentiment analysis

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Answer client requests within seconds

Answers to client queries such as sharing of account statements, money transfers, or even individual trading proposals are suggested automatically in the Engage App or similar conversational banking tools used by your relationship managers. The natural language processing engine used by the Virtual Assistant reacts swiftly by handling the next best action while you chat with your clients. Reduce the time needed for routine requests and at the same time keep clients’ satisfaction high.

Key features

Client intent detection

Information extraction

Smart suggestions, such as for trade proposal

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Increase client acquisition by up to 20%

Identify new prospects based on public data and current clients' relationships using network analytics. When integrated with a client management tool such as Client Service, our Client Networks product identifies people relationships from multiple external sources such as publicly accessible websites and visualizes them in an intuitive overview. Your advisors will get automated insights into their clients’ connections to identify new opportunities and increase acquisitions.

Key features

Relationship visualization

People data integration

Data extraction from public websites

Drill-down exploration

News alerts about client connections

Compliance risk identification

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Discover a unique wealth technology offering  

Achieve transformation and growth faster with a complete front-to-back wealth technology solution. Access world-leading core banking and powerful investment management technology with out-of-the-box integration to reduce complexity.  

Secure and insightful data

Infrastructure as a platform

Our highly-scalable multi-tenant cloud data warehouse integrates data from various client entities across regions so data is shared rather than cloned for building different environments.

Distributed data

Distributed data architecture empowers domain-based data ownership throughout its lifecycle. Standard domain-specific data accelerate analytical exploration.

Data vault modeling

Raw data from Avaloq and third-party data sources are transformed and modeled into a single consistent data model following the Data Vault 2.0 methodology.

The usage of AI/NLP, which is provided by the Avaloq Insight platform offers an added bonus for advisors and clients in terms of product recommendations and advisor efficiency. The news function is notable - it can provide both public news or product-specific insights and sync clients’ interests to any product recommendations.

Ashley Longabaugh
Senior Analyst, Celent
Front-to-middle office platforms: EMEA wealth management edition 2020

Wealth management redefined with AI

With the apparent advantages of using data-driven insights to develop their business, many wealth managers are beyond the point of just thinking about data science. This report helps wealth managers with examples of tangible AI use cases and explains how the initial challenges in data science projects can be overcome.

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