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Automate your wealth offering with our all-in-one solution.

Full investment journey designed with wealth managers

Your investment advisers, portfolio managers and relationship managers can rely on products designed and regularly tested with wealth management specialists. Tailored investment strategies for your clients are created on a single platform, ensuring consistency across all teams. Automated risk analysis and monitoring increase your control throughout the investment journey. Avaloq Wealth also supports the management of client relationships with a 360-degree client view and a shorter onboarding time for new clients by automating manual processes.

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Unified data model

Maintain consistency in client relationship management and investment strategies across the entire front and investment office.

Intelligent automation

Increase your productivity with automatic identification of new sales opportunities. Save your portfolio managers’ time by automating manual processes and compliance tasks.

User experience

Leverage user-centric and client-ready software created and tested with more than 200 wealth management specialists.

Wealth products in detail

Manage the full wealth client journey from prospect to trusted relationship. Launch mandates and offer interactive investment advice to boost client engagement and satisfaction.

Increase front office productivity by up to 25%

Our solution gives your relationship managers a consolidated view of all client data, and supports interaction during every phase of the client journey. Accelerate your onboarding process and enhance the entire client relationship experience by automating manual processes and compliance tasks. On top of that, key client and market information is automatically analysed to identify new sales opportunities. Our Client Service software keeps advisors up-to-date and proactively notified about their upcoming tasks.

Key features

Prospect management

Client profiling and onboarding

Relationship manager dashboard 

360° client view

Customized news feed

Sales opportunities management

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Enhance investment experiences and get approvals 25x faster

Capture risk profile and investment preferences together with your clients in an interactive way. Apply client wishes instantly during the simulation of personalized investment proposals with full transparency on performance. The Investment Advisory product will guide you to finalize trade orders while running regulatory checks in the background. Automated daily monitoring and reporting will keep your client’s investments in balance and increase your own efficiency.

Key features

Proposal creation

Portfolio construction

Health checks

Portfolio monitoring

Scenario and stress testing

Custom reporting

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30% lower production costs for your discretionary advice

Launch bespoke discretionary mandates and model portfolios, maintain complex asset class trees and automatically monitor risk exposures with our fully digital portfolio management solution. Significantly reduce time-consuming and complex tasks for your portfolio managers through automation and a reduction of manual processes such as regulatory checks or portfolio monitoring. A unified data model keeps everyone on the same digital page so that all the relevant market updates and regulatory changes are immediately incorporated into the new investment analysis and current clients’ portfolios.

Key features

Mass monitoring views

Portfolio and mass model portfolio construction

Before and after simulations

Scenario and stress testing

Smart rebalancer

House view workflow

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Discover a unique wealth technology offering  

Achieve transformation and growth faster with a complete front-to-back wealth technology solution. Access world-leading core banking and powerful investment management technology with out-of-the-box integration to reduce complexity.  

Simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation

Focus your time, energy and investment on your clients and let Avaloq take care of your infrastructure needs and operations. With Avaloq as the orchestrator, you will have simplified access to a multi-cloud delivery platform, that is compliant, accelerates go-to-market and reduces risk.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure  

Avaloq runs your enterprise databases and applications on a specially-designed cloud platform.

  • Access the benefits of cloud securely, while staying compliant with local regulations
  • Avaloq’s cloud platform is built to perform, scale and be highly reliable
  • Reduce your data centre footprint and improve sustainability

Managed Cloud Services

Access a robust set of technologies, policies, and processes via Avaloq’s deployment platform.

  • Run cloud-native products and services in the cloud of your choice  
  • Benefit from faster time to market with a SaaS delivery model
  • Combine with retained technology on-premises to leverage existing investments

Observability & Management Services

Avaloq provides end-to-end visibility of services delivered on multi-cloud deployments.

  • All necessary building blocks for multi-cloud compliance are covered
  • Shared security and privacy features from leading cloud providers
  • Avaloq manages and simplifies the process as a trusted orchestrator

Connect to any core banking system

Public APIs

An open, cloud-native, standalone product which operates on any core banking system via standard APIs, allowing you to integrate your own or third-party content.

Horizontal scalability

Capacity can be easily adjusted from the first day to meet increasing demand. We use Openshift and Kubernetes to achieve superior performance.

No downtime

The software is always available to you. You can remain productive around the clock because our rolling upgrades mean zero downtime.

Hear it from Avaloq Wealth clients

We endeavour to help our clients optimize their portfolios by designing top-notch investment solutions for them. We look forward to the partnership with Avaloq to bring premium experience to our clients.

Austin Luo
Head of Private Wealth Management, Haitong International

Industry analysts agree

Avaloq Wealth is a premier product in the marketplace servicing the front-middle office. It is a wide-ranging and robust offering that enables a scalable delivery of investment advice. One of the core differentiators of Avaloq’s investment and relationship management solution is complete coverage of the holistic investment process, enabling a 360-degree client view on a single platform. This view is combined with data analytics and client–adviser engagement tools which offer a fully integrated and seamless user experience.

Ashley Longabaugh
Senior analyst, Celent
Front-to-Middle Office Platforms: EMEA Wealth Management Edition, 2020

Democratization of wealth management - a unique business opportunity

The financial services industry faces structural margin and transformation pressures, due to rapidly-changing client demands, tighter regulations and fiercer competition.

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