Avaloq Core

Improve efficiency by running your banking operations on our core platform, and embrace digital assets.

Core banking operations with the platform that supports over CHF 4 trillion in assets

Build your entire front-to-back office choosing from 70+ modules designed to serve the needs of every client segment. Your key operations (from accounts and payments to legal and risk) are handled swiftly, reliably, and in a compliant manner. Scale your operations quickly with our unified data model guaranteeing consistency throughout your organization, and implement core banking in as little as six months with standardized configuration. Enable your clients to trade cryptocurrencies themselves or provide your investment office with all the tools required to add digital assets to traditional client portfolios.

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Complete coverage

Leverage 70+ customizable banking software modules to serve any client segment. Give your clients and advisors access to the latest digital assets.

Unified data model

Ensure data integrity and consistency across your teams. Our unified data model enables you to quickly scale your operations.

Native automation  

Save time and costs with automation from front to back office and benefit from up to 99% STP rates for payments.

Core products in detail

Transform your banking capability with a core platform that saves time and money while reducing risk. Offer crypto trading for your clients and your advisors.

Reduce cost to income ratio by 15 percentage points

Automate processes and reduce costs with our modular core banking platform. Straight-through processing rates of 99% make payments more efficient and cost-effective while customizable workflows eliminate labour-intensive tasks in almost all back-office work. Provide your legal, risk, tax and compliance experts with up-to-date information so they can assess risk, monitor transactions, and analyse patterns to steer you clear of unwanted complications. Deploy core banking in as little as six months using our pre-built baseline configuration.

Key features

Derivatives, corp. actions, FX & money markets

Mortgages, loans, corporate & trade finance

Card, cheque and payment processing

Accounting, fund administration, cost & fees

Treasury and risk management

Compliance and regulatory reporting

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Introduce popular digital assets into traditional portfolios

Enhance your investment offering with digital assets. Enable your clients to trade and transfer crypto assets via web or mobile banking, and empower your investment managers to address client demand for digital assets. With our Crypto offering, banks can offer crypto custodian services while providing automated, real-time pricing and performance calculations. Meet the latest regulatory requirements with integrated compliance and anti-money laundering checks and reporting capabilities.

Key features

Asset trading: BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens

Seamless integration for client self-service

Flexible wallet setup and management  

Real-time pricing

Automated trade execution

Compliance checks, reporting, in-built security

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Discover a unique wealth technology offering  

Achieve transformation and growth faster with a complete front-to-back wealth technology solution. Access world-leading core banking and powerful investment management technology with out-of-the-box integration to reduce complexity.  

Simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation

Focus your time, energy and investment on your clients and let Avaloq take care of your infrastructure needs and operations. With Avaloq as the orchestrator, you will have simplified access to a multi-cloud delivery platform, that is compliant, accelerates go-to-market and reduces risk.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure  

Avaloq runs your enterprise databases and applications on a specially-designed cloud platform.

  • Access the benefits of cloud securely, while staying compliant with local regulations
  • Avaloq’s cloud platform is built to perform, scale and be highly reliable
  • Reduce your data centre footprint and improve sustainability

Managed Cloud Services

Access a robust set of technologies, policies, and processes via Avaloq’s deployment platform.

  • Run cloud-native products and services in the cloud of your choice  
  • Benefit from faster time to market with a SaaS delivery model
  • Combine with retained technology on-premises to leverage existing investments

Observability & Management Services

Avaloq provides end-to-end visibility of services delivered on multi-cloud deployments.

  • All necessary building blocks for multi-cloud compliance are covered
  • Shared security and privacy features from leading cloud providers
  • Avaloq manages and simplifies the process as a trusted orchestrator

Simplify your digital banking operations

Integration and adoption

Access data and functionality through REST APIs, event streaming, and asynchronous messaging, with support for modular adoption and third-party integration.

Customization and extension  

Benefit from a customizable starter kit as well as environment provisioning, CI pipeline, and deployment tooling based on Eclipse and Xtext.

Strong foundation  

The Oracle database architecture provides real-time processing and row-level security and is highly reliable and consistent, with all data modifications through a single code base.  

See which of our clients are running on Avaloq Core

What do financial organizations like LGT, DBS and Maybank have in common? They all benefit from optimized efficiency – supported by our core banking software.

This new core banking system allows us to provide our employees with a new platform. With this, Raiffeisen Switzerland is laying the foundation for the agile implementation of future digital projects. We would like to thank everyone at Avaloq and ARIZON who has been involved in the project for their constructive and professional work.

Rolf Olmesdahl
COO and Member of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland

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