Our clients have spoken

As a trusted partner in the financial industry, we are proud to support over 160 banks and wealth managers in 35 countries with our leading technology and services.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

“Today, all our banking units use the same banking system. This results in synergies and gives us a high degree of operational efficiency.” Dr. André Lagger, CEO LGT Financial Services, talks about how Avaloq has supported LGT’s growth ambitions since 2009.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

UnionBank: Scaling wealth management business efficiently

Avaloq joined UnionBank on their journey to digitally transform their wealth management business. Our core wealth platform will allow the bank to cater to the growing needs of their wealth clients and expand their business more quickly and efficiently.

LGT: Expanding to five countries and increasing assets under management by 370% in 10 years

“By moving our wealth management platform to the AWS public cloud, we are paving the way for further growth in the region. Avaloq’s SaaS solution will provide us with the necessary flexibility and scale to deliver our proven value proposition to the market. By aligning our traditional private banking offering with Avaloq’s new digital platforms, we will be able to optimize the experience for our clients, and support relationship managers in delivering on clients’ financial objectives.”

Terence Chow,
Head of RBC Wealth Management – Asia

“We are delighted to support BDO Unibank with the migration of its core banking system and web banking platform for its wealth management business, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We look forward to seeing BDO Unibank continue its successful cloud transformation journey and further expand its wealth management business.”

Martin Greweldinger,
Chief Executive Officer, Avaloq

“Due to changes in the way people are living, our clients are increasingly looking for banking services that are provided through digital channels. BKB and Bank Cler are therefore committed to investing in a state-of-the-art web and mobile infrastructure for a seamless end-to-end digital client experience. Building on our long-standing partnership with Avaloq, we are confident that this project will be a major milestone in our digital transformation journey.”

Basil Heeb,
CEO, Basler Kantonalbank

“As in most other similar industries, we are seeing a strong trend towards digitalization in wealth management. We endeavour to help our clients optimize their portfolios by designing top-notch investment solutions for them. We look forward to the partnership with Avaloq to bring premium experience to our clients.”

Austin Luo,
Head of Private Wealth Management, Haitong International