08 Oct 2020
Synpulse, Confinale and Assentis named as winners at the 2020 Avaloq Partner Awards ceremony

Avaloq crowns project partner, implementation partner and software partner of the year 2020 at the Avaloq Community Experience in Zurich.

Avaloq, global leader in digital banking solutions, has named Synpulse, Confinale and Assentis as winners at this year’s Partner Awards, part of the Avaloq Community Experience 2020 which was held on 23 September – for the first time primarily on a digital platform due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event focused on key industry themes such as hyper-personalization, the democratization of wealth management, and the tokenization of financial assets. Each year, Avaloq uses the event to single out and award key partners and highlight the significant impact they have had on the industry and on Avaloq over the previous 12 months.

Synpulse was named Project Partner of the Year 2020. Synpulse has demonstrated its ability to deliver exceptional outcomes, both in EMEA as well as in APAC markets, across a number of Avaloq projects. At a bank in Indonesia, for example, Synpulse was responsible for the end-to-end implementation that involved rolling out Avaloq to over 50,000 wealth management customers. Synpulse has been an Avaloq Implementation Partner for more than 20 years and all stakeholders benefit from its rich expertise and experience.

Confinale was named Implementation Partner of the Year 2020. Confinale boasts a multi-skilled team of 65 staff, including 50 Avaloq certified consultants, with a very strong focus on projects, managed services and the development of the Avaloq reference customization. Customers and key stakeholders at Avaloq acknowledge Confinale’s reliability and competence, both in banking and in technical areas. Confinale grew its Avaloq competence by 50% over the last two years, becoming one of the fastest-growing Avaloq Implementation Partners.

Assentis was named Software Partner of the Year 2020. Assentis Technologies is a leading provider of Customer Communication Management software solutions with a focus on the financial services industry. Its solutions enable companies to communicate with end customers in a highly effective and automated way. From the Aspire Leaderboard 2019 and 2020, Assentis achieved the highest rating for the financial services industry in the European market. The firm has supported Avaloq in various projects; the most recent was with a bank in Germany. The continuous investments of Assentis helped to increase the Avaloq standard offering with regards to client communications which is currently a crucial topic as banks and wealth managers are increasingly interacting with their customers through digital channels.

Juerg Hunziker, Avaloq’s Group CEO, said: “Congratulations to each of this year’s highly deserved winners, all of whom are at the forefront of the technological evolution shaping the future of the financial services sector. They are all well-trusted, long-term partners of Avaloq and we look forward to continuing our strong partnerships into 2021 and beyond. The rapid pace of change impacting the global financial services industry means institutions and service providers rely on best-of-breed partners more than ever.”