25 Jun 2019
Avaloq Outline AG and Stämpfli AG: Joining forces in the service of customer communications

Avaloq Outline AG and Stämpfli AG have agreed to enter into a partnership. Customers of both partners will benefit from the bundling of their communications services. Operations will take place at the Stämpfli Group’s Bern site.

The customer management specialist Avaloq Outline AG and the communications company Stämpfli AG are entering into a partnership without either partner acquiring an equity interest. In working together the two companies will combine their individual strengths in state-of-the-art customer communications to form a new all-round portfolio of services. This will enable existing and prospective customers of Avaloq and Stämpfli to benefit from an extensive and comprehensive offering. A strong team of staff at their joint production site at Wölflistrasse 1 in Bern is at the ready.

The two partner companies

Avaloq Outline AG, a subsidiary of the Avaloq group, provides its customers with comprehensive customer communication management (CCM) solutions. The company prepares data from banks, energy providers, credit card and telecommunications companies, retailers, real estate firms, publishers, insurers and health insurance providers in such a way that the data reach the end client in an appropriate form via any print or online channel. The data might be, for example, health insurance statements, telephone bills or bank statements. Avaloq already operates two production centres in Winterthur (Canton Zurich) and Bedano (Canton Ticino) and will now also have the new site in Bern.

Stämpfli AG carries out communications work for companies and associations and has sites in Bern and Zurich. It provides comprehensive, integrated communications services extending from strategy to distribution. Across five service areas, specialists work in an interdisciplinary way on cross-media customer solutions for analogue and digital communications.

All-round services from a single source

There is constantly growing demand for all encompassing communications provision. To meet this demand, the two partner companies can now jointly offer all services from a single source. For this purpose, Avaloq Outline AG is setting up a modern production centre at the Stämpfli site in Bern that both partners will be able to use to execute their projects. At the Bern site it will now be possible to process transaction data (bills, policies and other business applications) with promotional information both in offset quality and in dynamic digital printing ink jet quality. In parallel, Stämpfli AG is further expanding its range of capabilities in the provision of advice, design and implementation of database-supported and personalised communications solutions.

Jean-Daniel Andrey, Head of Customer Engagement Solutions at Avaloq Outline AG, explains: “This collaboration is a clear win-win situation, since our portfolios are an ideal match. I am confident that both parties will benefit from considerable synergies as a result of the partnership.”

Daniel Sinn, Managing Director of Stämpfli AG, is likewise convinced of the potential for synergies: “For Stämpfli as a communications company, this partnership is the logical step to take in extending the integration of all communications channels into its customer solutions. A personalised approach and dialogue with customers means that transaction and marketing processes are increasingly fusing together. With our partner on site we will in future be able to offer still more comprehensive services to existing and prospective customers under one roof.”