12 Apr 2024
Thomas Beck retires as Co-CEO of Avaloq, Martin Greweldinger to serve as Group CEO

Avaloq Co-CEO, Thomas Beck is stepping down from his position on the Avaloq Group Executive Board today for retirement, with Martin Greweldinger taking over as Group CEO of Avaloq. During the transition period, Thomas Beck will be available in a senior advisory capacity to Martin Greweldinger, providing support as needed.

Thomas Beck was appointed as Co-CEO of Avaloq together with Martin Greweldinger in April 2021. Since joining Avaloq in 2012, Thomas Beck has held various senior management positions and played a pivotal role in driving Avaloq’s strategy, international expansion and innovation activities.

His decision comes as Avaloq celebrates one of its most successful years on record in 2023. As the new financial year begins, Martin Greweldinger continues to drive Avaloq’s success. Martin joined the company in 2019, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, gained from leading roles in international financial and consulting firms.

Avaloq remains committed to its long-term strategy to propel the digital transformation of the financial industry, providing cutting-edge wealth management technology and services. Looking ahead Avaloq continues to focus on enhancing its offering, cloud transformation, and furthering its strategic partnerships.

Martin Greweldinger, Group CEO of Avaloq, commented: “We extend our gratitude to Thomas Beck for his outstanding contribution to Avaloq’s ongoing success, and we wish him all the best with his well-earned retirement. This transition represents a natural progression for Avaloq, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients and the digital evolution of the financial industry.”