Sustainability at Avaloq

Avaloq is preparing for the future by acting on sustainability. 
For us, this means providing people around the world with more access to efficient and valuable financial solutions, while managing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to society.

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to incorporating universal principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption into our business strategy, policies and practices. Through our products, we are supporting the flow of global capital to investments that create long-term value for society.

We are taking global frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into account as we carry out our initiatives. The SDGs provide an urgent call-to-action to address the most relevant problems facing our world today and help businesses like ours prioritize our activity.

UN Global Compact

Climate action

As awareness of humanity’s impact on the environment grows, so too does our collective responsibility for action. At Avaloq, we recognize our responsibility to help meet the challenges posed by the climate crisis. We are using our platform and developing solutions to reduce our GHG emissions, engage our colleagues and support global climate change efforts.

As a leader in wealth management technology, technological innovation is central to our business success. Aligned with this approach, we support a portfolio of climate projects, including carbon removal projects that use technology and innovation to champion climate solutions.

UN Global Compact
2021 Climate Neutral Company

Community impact programme

Our operations extend beyond the bounds of our business and impact the communities where we operate. To help make this impact a positive one, we are committed to supporting community initiatives and non-profit organizations that resonate with our values and priorities.

Through the Avaloq Community impact programme, we give all colleagues 17 paid hours per year to volunteer. We believe that our colleagues can drive substantial positive change and so we use our convening power to help identify local needs and facilitate opportunities for them to use their passion and skills as a powerful force for good.

Business conduct and ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, fairness, respect and integrity, as set out in the Avaloq Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We promote these values in all of our business dealings and in our interactions with colleagues, clients, partners, suppliers and the communities we operate in. We foster a speak-up culture which encourages our stakeholders to report and challenge non-compliance or misconduct without fear of retaliation and we provide the necessary tools to do so.

Incorporating ESG and sustainability criteria into daily banking processes