14 January 2020

Edgelab becomes first whitelabel partner for new Avaloq Wealth Platform

Edgelab, a Swiss-based technology firm that focuses on automated investment recommendations, risk analytics and decision support simulations, has entered into a partnership with Avaloq to become its first whitelabel partner for the firm’s standalone investment management platform: the Avaloq Wealth Platform.

Edgelab empowers private banks to achieve long-term success by providing them technology solutions with unprecedented value. With its extensive risk analytics and smart capabilities banks can deliver a 360-degree view on portfolio risk and generate bespoke portfolios with one click. As a result, they can substantially increase the quality of advice and strengthen the relationship with their clients.

Unlike other solutions, Edgelab takes the true nature of investment instruments. Its risk methodology considers all possible risk factors which would impact an instrument and accurately estimates the risk of every possible asset, including non-linear instruments (e.g. structured products). Moreover, its trade recommendations are delivered in a portfolio context, considering clients’ preferences, banks’ views and suitable investment universe.

Avaloq Wealth Platform
Edgelab will partner with Avaloq and feed its capabilities into the Avaloq Wealth Platform. The platform covers the end-to-end investment process, from profiling the client and assigning an investment strategy (or model), to monitoring the client’s portfolio, rebalancing, and evaluating performance, attribution and risk. It facilitates the automation of investment suitability checks, portfolio construction and risk analytics, and enables the optimization and monitoring of portfolios. 

The Avaloq Wealth Platform combines data integrity strengths from the core banking platform with a state-of-the-art user experience. The platform will run in a self-contained manner, allowing our clients to pursue a best of breed IT strategy and will be available in Q3 of this year.

Cédric Ullmo, CEO of Edgelab, said: “We are thrilled by this highly synergistic partnership with Avaloq. Together we will empower banks to deliver a whole new kind of experience. One, where they help clients make better decisions, with the right insights, at the right time.”

Martin Greweldinger, Chief Product Officer at Avaloq, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Edgelab, which will allow us to further enhance the capabilities of the Avaloq Wealth Platform. This will help our clients to cater even better to the ever-increasing needs of their wealth clients globally.”

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