Fast and easy implementation

You can count on your Avaloq software solution going to work for you fast and hassle-free. Whether you choose the ease and efficiency of our cloud services or prefer to install and run the software on your own servers, you will enjoy smooth integration suited to your needs, regardless of the size of your business or the specialized challenges you face.

New entrants in the financial sector that have selected our cloud solutions have got up and running in as little as three months. Large, established financial institutions have integrated acquisitions just as quickly. That’s why you can trust Avaloq to deliver. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

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Wide range of competencies

Our industrialized approach to scoping and implementation ensures that our flexible solutions succeed for you. Every time.

A track record of success

More than 40 new clients have taken advantage of our expertise in the last four years. Our track record of successful project implementation remains unmatched.

Enjoy excellence no matter the delivery model

Whichever solution you implement whichever way – through a Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) or on-premises delivery model – the benefits of Avaloq software for your business will become immediately clear.

SaaS & BPaaS – reduce costs and increase efficiency with an Avaloq cloud service

Banking and wealth management are moving increasingly to the cloud. It improves your agility, makes introducing cutting-edge technologies like the latest fintech solutions easier and so much more.

Partner with Avaloq and reach your business potential through a cloud-ready, ‘as-a-service’ model – or receive support and advice on how to transition your firm to the cloud. Take advantage of our expertise in financial software and service solutions; let us advise you on a range of cloud topics, from start-up to optimization and beyond.

On-premises – for full control over your financial software

On-premises software offers the greatest potential for customization. Do you have clients who demand their products and services be delivered in a specific way? Do you need specialized functionalities and have the capabilities to develop them in-house? If so, then on-premises software may be the right choice for you.

Our on-premises software delivers the same Avaloq suite performance you’d get with our SaaS and BPaaS solutions, with the possibility of being tailored to highly specific requirements.

Our success stories

The evidence is clear. Our support has helped financial organizations build successful platforms and enabled established, multinational institutions to solidify their market position.

The framework for success starts with Global Implementation Methods (GIM)

The standard framework used for Avaloq implementation projects, GIM, aims to:

  • Maximize the project expertise and enable project transparency through standardized methods
  • Reuse documentation templates as project accelerators
  • Facilitate know-how transfer for new project resources
  • Mitigate risks in Avaloq implementation projects (repeatability and completeness) and increase quality for our clients

GIM enables us to harmonize implementation methods within the Avaloq community which are tailored to project types such as SaaS and BPaaS

Forty new clients have gone live with Avaloq over the past four years

How we ensure implementation excellence

A global approach

A streamlined global approach complements our industrialized methodology to produce consistently high-quality, agile builds that minimize project risk.

Ever evolving

Continuous innovation ensures that everything we do is optimized for current requirements – and ready for future needs.

Long-standing expertise

Our experts are involved in every project and tasked with the same mission: making yours a success.

Expert partners

Specialists worldwide such as Orbium, Synpulse and Luxoft partner with us to bolster our capabilities in everything from crypto assets to advanced data security. They employ 1,100 Avaloq-trained experts among them.

What our clients say

“Maybank Private Wealth is committed to offering a complete suite of solutions and products for our clients that will address their banking and wealth management needs. With Avaloq, we are even better positioned to serve our clients with a wider offering.”

Alvin Lee Han Eng

Head of Private Banking, Maybank

“It was crucial that we were able to integrate KBL into our existing setup as quickly as possible, so that it would benefit from the same high-performing, efficient and innovative banking solution. Concluding the migration in as little as five months is a tremendous achievement.”

Thierry de Loriol

CEO, BIL Suisse

Premium implementation partners

Orbium was founded in 2004 and has been an Avaloq partner ever since, getting the Premium Implementation Partner status in 2009. Orbium offers a broad and extensive experience with Avaloq and has been involved in many implementation projects worldwide – with a very good track record.


Synpulse was founded in 1996 and has been an Avaloq partner since 1999 before transitioning to Premium Implementation Partner in 2016. Synpulse with 500+ experts globally covers all Avaloq regions and has a long track record of successful Avaloq projects, also in complex end-to-end implementations. Synpulse was awarded Project Partner of the Year 2020.


Founded in 2000, Luxoft became an Premium Implementation Partner in 2019. Luxoft has offered holistic wealth management services utilizing the Avaloq platform since 2004, when they initially operated as Unafortis. They delivered over 50 projects to more than 25 customers. Luxoft was awarded Implementation Partner of the Year 2019.


Confinale, founded in 2012, became an Avaloq partner in 2015 and Premium Implementation Partner in 2020. Confinale purely focuses on Avaloq and enjoys a very good reputation in the Avaloq Community especially for wealth advisory, compliance and regulatory solutions. Confinale was awarded Project Partner of the Year 2019 and Implementation Partner of the Year 2020.


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