Wealth Portfolio Suites Turn to Digital Advisory: Early Risers

05 September 2018

Aite’s 2018 research report features Avaloq’s goal-based wealth management: “In the investor-advisor hybrid model, communication between two people establishes trust, builds the relationship, and drives client retention and referrals.”
Denise Valentine, Senior Analyst at Aite Group


Wealth Management C-level survey: Private Banking and Wealth Management 4.0

15 August 2018 | Online

Is the private banking and wealth management industry under siege or are there reasons for optimism?  Find out more on how executives perceive these challenges.


Wealth Management C-level survey: Private Banking and Wealth Management 4.0

15 August 2018

Orbium, an Avaloq premium partner, has conducted a survey of C-Suite wealth managers to explore views on the current and anticipated future state of the wealth management industry.


Towards banking-as-a-service

11 April 2018 | Online

In this webinar, our panel of Avaloq and ZEB experts will discuss how moving operations to a service based model can support you in this goal and free-up the business to focus on its customers.


Towards banking-as-a-service: Cloud-based service models and the transformation of banking

10 April 2018

Cloud-based service models are about providing access to resources such as infrastructure, software applications and business tasks, packaged as services. Is now the right moment to move your business to the cloud?


Banking becomes a convenience in an interconnected world

16 March 2018

Banks have been forced to respond to changing consumer preferences and behaviours which have emerged as a result of social and technological developments.


Leveraging the crowd in consumer finance

01 March 2018

The face of consumer financing is changing. Customers want modern solutions at their fingertips, with access to the best products available whether offered by a bank or a web-based platform.


SaaS and BPaaS in wealth management

07 February 2018

NelsonHall rates Avaloq as a leader in wealth and asset management BPS and new digital banking models


How can fintech companies in Avaloq's ecosystem help your wealth management business to innovate and grow?

22 January 2018

Innovative fintech companies involved in the Avaloq ecosystem are passionate about solving some of the toughest issues in wealth management.


Blockchain: Plausibility within Banking and Wealth Management

17 December 2017

The possible effects of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) on financial services


Increasing trust and loyalty with transparent investment evaluation

07 December 2017 | Online

In this webinar Avaloq have teamed up with IBO to discuss how investment advisors can collaborate with fintechs to provide insightful data analytics


Whitepaper: Emerging Models of Digital Wealth Advisory

01 December 2017

A joint discussion paper by Deloitte and Avaloq


Emerging Models of Digital Wealth Advisory

18 October 2017 | Online

Deloitte and Avaloq will explore emerging models for providing private client investment advice by assessing the impact of technology and digitization.


Avaloq Community Insights: Architectural Evolution

01 October 2017

Discussion paper on how banks can ensure that they build a platform with the right technical architecture for the future


Blockchain: So, what is the speed of disruption?

21 September 2017 | Online

This webinar will investigate some of the key concepts of blockchain in banking.


Surfing the regulatory waves: MiFID II & beyond

16 August 2017 | Online

This webinar outlines some key steps that can be undertaken to master these new rules.


How Open Banking APIs help banks embrace digital disruption

12 July 2017 | Online

The emergence of Open APIs may prove to be a critical point of inflection for the banking industry.


Avaloq Community Insights: Digitising Client Communication

03 July 2017

Client communication has become more complex. With the revolution in electronic data communication, and wave after wave of innovative technology, it would be easy to assume that client communication has become simple.


Overcoming Fragmentation in Omni-Channel User Experiences

21 June 2017 | Online

In this webinar we consider approaches to ensure that whatever technology choices are made, the user experience remains cohesive and simple.


Successful Digital Banking: Aligning strategy and technology

01 June 2017 | Online

The webinar and associated discussion paper highlights today’s banking environment which is characterized by a rush to digitization.