05 Nov 2020

API security - limiting factor or accelerator of an open banking strategy?

API security - in an open banking ecosystem

Open banking has become a strategic priority for many financial institutions and wealth managers. In this context, many see IT security as an inevitable evil that limits the potential of an ecosystem. But done the right way, securing your APIs is the key factor that drives user experience. We highlighted the concept of securing an ecosystem in a jointly published whitepaper with our partner Ergon.

Learn more about:

  • The role of IT security in an era of open banking
  • Why every user experience is a security experience and how banks can learn from online shops
  • The value of an upstream security layer, namely the convergence of application security, API protection and access management
  • The 5 security challenges in an open banking ecosystem
  • The 4 requirements that API security has to deliver in an ecosystem

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