17 Mar 2022

The historic opportunity for wealth management firms in the Greater Bay Area

Evolve to succeed

The Greater Bay Area and its financial market is changing drastically at an incredible speed. The pool of investible private wealth may double, as the Chinese government runs several initiatives and programs to enhance financial ties in the region.

As the region comes to rival the Silicon Valley in innovation, it is also becoming an international financial center, where wealth management firms need to adapt quickly to seize the advantage in these dynamically evolving markets.

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What the future offerings of wealth managers should look like

To help scope out the size and nature of this market opportunity we surveyed affluent to ultra-high net worth individuals and  very tech-savvy digital natives in the region to get a clear picture of what they expect from their advisors.  

Smooth and efficient processes

As the Greater Bay Area enters a new era of fluidity and wealth creation, with a substantial new market of people looking for a financial advisor, Avaloq can position your firm to seize this opportunity and retain it as the future unfolds. We can help empower your teams to coordinate their efforts so you can reach your full potential.

Read more about the new opportunities in that fast evolving market in our report.