AI for banking fraud prevention

NG|Screener is an AI platform made for banks to proactively prevent fraud.

Key features

  • Real-time alerts
  • Continuously updated controls library
  • Integrated case manager & automated documentation
  • Intuitive and powerful forensic tool


Cyber fraud is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Traditional methods and rule-based solutions are reactive and do not cope with the emerging fraud types. What is needed is a proactive solution that efficiently manages fraud and unlocks new fraud types.

NG|Screener is an enterprise risk platform that detects banking fraud before it happens. Using advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning, it detects atypical actions and raises alerts or blocks a transaction in real time, stopping the fraud, protecting customers and avoiding hefty fines.

Banks using NG|Screener achieved up to 83% reduction in false positives, saved up to 93% of the time lost in fraud investigation, and prevented new fraud cases.

NG|Screener provides modules for internal fraud, eBanking fraud, mBanking fraud, payment fraud, and SWIFT fraud prevention.



Company: Netguardians
Category: Product Risk ClassificationSecurity
Released: 26 July 2018
Type: Certified Adapter